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Zoom plans to verify your identity before each meeting

Zoom unveiled a selection of security-focused updates designed to protect users from advanced threats.

At its annual Zoomtopia conference, the video conference The company announced three major new additions: end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Zoom Phone, a new Bring your own key (BYOK) service and an identity verification system.

The company says the new features will expand on protections already in place (such as E2EE for Zoom calls), and hopes they will also erase its past. security hiccups from memory.

“Zoom strives to be a platform built on trust – trust between users, trust in online interactions and trust in our services,” wrote Karthik Raman, Senior Product Manager.

“Several encryption and identity verification options help build the foundation for that trust and are a key part of our evolving security strategy. “

Focus on security updates

Perhaps the most important security feature announced at Zoomtopia is the Identity Verification Program, which has been described as the start of a new long-term strategy.

As part of this system, developed in partnership with identity management Okta company, users will be asked to verify their identity before joining a meeting. The system will monitor users by evaluating a combination of data points including account credentials, security questions, multi-factor authentication, device ID, etc.

Once inside, a blue check mark will appear next to their name in the list to show that they have successfully passed identity checks.

“With increasingly sophisticated social engineering and phishing attacks, protecting personal information is more important than ever. Authentication and proof of identity can help determine if a meeting invitee is who they say they are, ”Raman explained.

This way, he says, customers can freely share classified information about Zoom calls knowing that no intruders are present.

The BYOK service, on the other hand, is designed to give businesses with broad compliance requirements a way to more effectively protect large assets (such as meeting recordings). Customers who sign up will take control of a key management system within AWS that will contain a master key that no other party can access, including Zoom itself.

And finally, Zoom brings end-to-end encryption to Zoom Phone, its cloud phone system. The company says the feature will add a layer of protection to one-on-one calls by protecting them from server compromise.

The new identity verification system and E2EE for Zoom Phone will go into effect “sometime next year,” while a beta version of the BYOK service will be rolled out over the next few months.

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