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Yuba Supercargo CL: Specifications

Cut: 8.5 feet long
Weight: 88.2 lbs
Motor: Bosch Cargo Line + cruise engine
Drums: PowerPack 500 battery with 250W and 36V of
Maximum speed: 20 mph
Vary: 60 miles per charge
Transmission: Shimano Deore 10 speed drivetrain

Perhaps it’s telling that the first thing I noticed about the Yuba Supercargo CL was its center stand. A bad center stand can make or break the usability of a cargo bike, especially if you are loading the cargo hold heavily. I’m happy to say that the Supercargo CL has one of the best center stands I’ve used; it is easy to access, easily folds up and stows away when not in use, and provides great stability when the bike is parked.

The Supercargo SL is therefore off to a good start. Best of all, the Yuba was just as stable in motion, thanks to its low center of gravity. In real-world testing for this Yuba Supercargo SL review, the bike largely lived up to high expectations. It is indeed stable, pleasant to drive and practical. This is not a bargain, but in terms of value compared to its competition, the supercargo is one of the best electric bikes if you are looking to carry a lot of stuff.

Yuba Supercargo CL review: price and availability

Supercargo CL pricing starts at $ 6,000 and goes up from there depending on the number of accessories you add. That puts it in the lower end of the cargo bike price bracket, which starts between $ 6,000 and $ 8,000 or more.

You can configure your Supercargo CL directly on the Yuba Bikes website and you can also order on site. If you prefer to buy from a local dealer, Yuba has a dealer locator built into their website so you can find the store closest to you.

The Supercargo CL is available now at local bike shops. As of this writing, it’s out of stock on the Yuba website until February 2022.

Yuba Supercargo CL review: Design

The Supercargo is a fat bike that weighs 88.2 pounds (advertised), which isn’t surprising given its size and load capacities. You will need a garage or storage shed if you wish to park it indoors; it is not suitable for apartments.

A Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Motor + turns the Supercargo on and supports you up to 20 mph. The bike comes with a PowerPack 500 battery with 250W and 36V of power. Yuba advertises 60 miles of range on a single charge, although that depends on whether or not you’re carrying cargo and what level of assistance you use.

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You can crank this bike up to 20 mph quite easily, in which case the assist cuts out and you’re on your own. When the bike is loaded heavily, you probably won’t want to go that fast, although you can if you have long journeys to go. The bike remains stable even at higher speeds.

The specification includes the Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain and powerful Magura MT5 Next hydraulic disc brakes. Both worked wonderfully in my testing; this is a great specification for this bike.

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Yuba claims its Supercargo offers the lowest center of gravity among cargo bikes, thanks in large part to the 20-inch wheels and low frame design. Indeed, it feels very stable while riding and when planted on the center stand.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Getting on and off the bike is easy too, thanks to the stepper frame design. This is useful when starting from a neutral point; it’s much easier to get started and position yourself in the saddle.

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The Supercargo fits riders from 5 ‘to 6’5 “, and it’s quickly adjustable to fit two different riders (say, mom and dad). But you’ll need to use some tools to make big adjustments.

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And finally, the Supercargo has integrated front and rear lights. They are very bright for night riding and they automatically turn on when you turn on the bike.

Yuba Supercargo CL review: Cargo capacity

Yuba says you can haul up to 440 pounds in total with the Supercargo (this includes the rider’s weight). The front cargo box can carry up to 220 pounds and the rear rack adds an additional 80 pounds capacity.

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The top of the cargo area measures just over 35 inches front to back; the bottom of the cargo area measures approximately 23 inches front to back. The back of the cargo box is 26 inches in diameter and at the front of the box you have 22 inches in diameter to play with.

That’s a large capacity for those who might consider this bike for commercial use, but if you’re looking for the most payload capacity, you’ll want to take a look at Triobike’s Cargo Bike, which offers 507 pounds of carrying capacity.

Parents, however, will likely love the Supercargo because it can carry up to four children – three in the cargo payload and one mounted in a special seat (sold separately) behind the pilot. The three seats in the front allow for a tight fit, so this is only an option for the little ones.

(Image credit: Yuba Bikes)

The cargo box is made from bamboo, which is weather resistant – it will not shrink or expand if exposed to moisture and heat. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly options for building cargo boxes.

Yuba Supercargo CL review: Performance

It’s easy to like the stable and easy-to-use center stand, but that’s not the Supercargo’s most exciting feature. Much more importantly, the Supercargo feels more stable and easier to maneuver than most, if not all, of its direct competitors.

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Even from a dead stop was pretty easy with the Supercargo; it might have something to do with the 20 inch wheels which help keep the bike’s center of gravity very low which in turn prevents it from swaying from side to side.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

While my daughter loved to ride in front and be able to see where we were going, the seat belts were too short for her at age 7. She didn’t want to ride with the seat belt anyway, but if you ask your kids to wear a seat belt, keep in mind that they are made for little cyclists.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The Magura hydraulic brakes felt great, with a lot of modulation and a lot of power when it comes to a quick stop. The Shimano Deore drivetrain also performed wonderfully; no complaints here.

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In fact, the overall driving experience with the Supercargo is excellent, from the Bosch handlebar controls to the responsiveness of the pedal assist.

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That said, the ride quality can be a bit shocking; my daughter and I noticed how the vibrations from the road and the hits on the square edges were transferred through the frame to our bodies.

And since the Supercargo is a really big bike, it’s hard to find good places to park and lock it when you’re on the move. Consider an extra-long padlock to take with you so you don’t have to chock the bike very close to a bike rack to secure it.

Yuba SuperCargo CL review: Battery life

Yuba promises up to 60 miles on a single charge. I didn’t have the bike long enough to cover that many miles, but enjoyed it a lot even while riding at the highest level of assistance. My first ride, for example, was about an hour and I spent most of that time on the highest assist setting. The battery indicator has never moved from the state of full charge.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

I have driven the Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Motor + with the same batteries on other bikes and the battery life has lived up to the claims advertised.

The battery itself is mounted just in front of the pilot, behind the cargo area. It can be removed easily using the included key that unlocks the unit.

Yuba Supercargo CL review: Accessories

There is no shortage of customization accessories with the Supercargo, although they are primarily aimed at families with children.

For a simple cargo haul, you can start with just the basic bamboo plank, which costs $ 50. The Bamboo Box Supermarket set costs $ 250 and adds side panels.

The Bamboo Box Supercargo Seat Kit ($ 150) adds a padded seat and bamboo support for carrying children. You can upgrade to the Supermarket Open Loader Seat Kit for a fabric liner on the bamboo ($ 200).

A key upgrade, though expensive, is the Cargo Canopy Supermarket. This provides coverage and protection from the elements – a must have if you want to convince kids to jump in while it’s raining or snowing. Whether you want to cycle in these conditions is another matter.

You can also add a third seat to the front cargo area with the 2be3 seat ($ 200). It is a rear facing seat that mounts near the front wheel side of the cargo hold. If you want to add a fourth child seat option, the Yepp Maxi EasyFit ($ 250) mounts behind the rider.

If you’re only hauling cargo and not kids, go for the Open Loader Supercargo, which costs $ 200 and gives you plenty of space to launch your cargo.

Yuba Supercargo CL review: The competition

The closest competitors to the Yuba Supercargo are the Urban Arrow Family (from $ 6,000), the Triobike Cargo (from $ 6,657), and the Riese and Müller Load 60 (from $ 8,800). The Supercargo therefore fits well in the lower end of the expected price range for e-cargo bikes.

The Supercargo’s price is an advantage, but the biggest advantage over its competition is its exceptional stability. It performs much better than the Triobike, although the Triobike offers more payload capacity. You can easily choose between these two bikes according to your needs: more capacity, go for Triobike. Better handling, go for the Yuba.

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It’s clear that the Yuba has a more family focus, so the accessories are all geared towards kid-friendliness. The Triobike offers more versatility in its accessory options, especially if you plan to use it for commercial purposes.

Yuba Supercargo CL review: Verdict

The Supercargo is more stable than other cargo bikes of its ilk. It’s easy and fun to drive, and the cargo area offers plenty of room for groceries or two kids. The engine is responsive and strong enough, and the design is comfortable and user-friendly.

The Supercargo therefore offers some of the best features combined with handling to make it a top choice among e-loaded bikes, especially if your primary cargo is your family.

While the ride quality might be a little shocking, there are simply too many noteworthy features for it to be a deterrent. The Yuba Supercargo CL is a great e-cargo bike for families.


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