YouTube will no longer make compilations of year-end “Rewind” videos; here’s why

YouTube has decided to stop making its year-end “Rewind” videos, saying its platform has grown so massive that it’s “impossible to sum up its vastness and diversity in a compilation of just a few minutes.” YouTube in an exclusive report to Tubefilter confirmed that it is permanently deleting the annual compendium.

It should be noted that previously in 2018, YouTube Rewind set the platform for most videos on the platform, as the creators complained that they ignored the video platform community by highlighting featured mainstream celebrities instead of local YouTubers.

The YouTube video Rewind 2018 has since garnered over 19 million likes, up from 3 million likes. However, the company clarified that it was not abandoning the project because of widespread criticism, but because it believes that a single video cannot reflect “the full breadth” of its community of creators.

Interestingly, in 2020 YouTube did not produce a Rewind video, claiming it didn’t seem appropriate given the chaos of 2020.

“Rewind was meant to be a look back at the year’s biggest creators, videos and trends, but 2020 was different. And it doesn’t seem fair to continue like it isn’t. So we’re taking a break from Rewind this year, ”the platform said a year ago.

Meanwhile, YouTube said it is planning a new “experience” for its millions of creators. “Thanks to all the creators involved in Rewind – we will be [eyes emoji] for your Rewinds as we refocus our energies on you and the trends that make YouTube [fire emoji] with different and updated experience – stay tuned! The YouTube Creators account on Twitter said in an article.

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