YouTube Music to launch free background listening from Canada

YouTube Music lifts one of its most annoying limitations, but only in Canada. Today, YouTube announced that starting November 3, customers in Canada will be able to continue listening to their music in the background while performing other tasks on their phones or when the screen is off.

Background listening will support both standard ad-supported and custom radio mixes and any uploaded content you’ve added to your account.

This is the first time that YouTube Music has offered this feature without requiring customers to upgrade to a Premium membership to get it. As for when listeners in other countries can expect to get the same convenience, for now, YouTube is only saying to “stay tuned for additional information and expansion plans.”

Free background listening is a tabletop issue among YouTube Music competitors including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal and others, so this is one area where YouTube lags behind its benchmarks. rivals. Hopefully this expansion will start sooner rather than later.

Even though background playback is part of the free tier, YouTube Music Premium still has other advantages: offline downloads are the most important, but you can also listen without any ads and seamlessly switch between audio ordinary and music videos.


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