Xbox Series X SSD storage could soon be more affordable


New technology is always expensive and so are the latest and greatest console hardware from Xbox and PlayStation. However, new reports suggest that expanding SSD storage on the Xbox Series X could be about to get a lot cheaper.

SSD or SSD storage is much faster than your regular hard drive, but it’s also more expensive for the same amount of digital space. What can further complicate things on Xbox Series X / S consoles is that you will also get different performance with an external SSD drive and SSD expansion card (the latter being better but more expensive as well).

One of the best options so far has been the official Seagate 1TB expansion card which currently has a suggested price of just under $ 220 / £ 200 (around AU $ 300). That’s a lot to drop on a console accessory, especially when the device has already cost you $ 499 / £ 449 / AU $ 749.

Fortunately, new information from Windows Central suggests that smaller (and therefore more economical) options will be released soon, including a 512GB card from Seagate. While pricing details have yet to be released, we imagine this card would most likely sell for around $ 120 / £ 110 or just over half the price of the 1TB card.

Be the first to admit that it’s still not an inexpensive add-on, but at least it’ll give you a second option if 1TB seems excessive. With Black Friday 2021 just around the corner, it might be worth stopping and looking for a good deal on SSD storage expansions, especially older options.

Analysis: Are SSDs Worth the Hype?

Even with the rumor that the SSD expansion card is cheaper, you’ll be looking to fork out if you’re looking to increase your Xbox Series X’s usable storage. But is it really worth the cost?

If you are looking for the best possible gaming experience, then probably yes.

Most of us will be used to your typical hard drive storage in the devices we use. To function, hard drives will have rotating components capable of reading or writing data at a speed relative to the speed at which its parts are moving. While this does mean that hard drive speeds will have a lower upper limit, hard drives can offer more storage space at a cheaper price than alternatives.

On the other hand, SSDs don’t move at all. Instead, they rely on NAND flash memory; the more NAND memory chips an SSD has, the more storage capacity it has. Thanks to recent developments, SSDs have been able to integrate more NAND chips than ever before, finally allowing them to offer capacities that hard drives can without an excessive premium.

Faster read and write speeds will mean your games can start and load new areas much faster. If you care about making the most of your time while gaming, you’ll want to use the SSD, but if you’re not that bothered, you might find it a bit overpriced compared to HDD alternatives, it all comes down to to a personal choice at the end of the day.


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