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Windows 11’s new media player revealed in leaked new screenshot

The official Windows 11 release date is fast approaching and Microsoft has posted designs for its new updated apps that are part of the new operating system. We’ve seen an updated version of the Snipping Tool before, Microsoft Paint already, and we’re also looking at the new Windows Media Player.

First spotted by Most recent Windows, the new version of the tool would have been broadcast during a webcast while playing a video. It’s now called Media Player, and the app may replace the Movies & TV app in Windows 10.

The screenshot also reveals that the player will offer options like shuffle and skip, which are not used very frequently with video. This suggests that the app could be a unified solution for playing audio and video files. Check out the screenshot below.

this is what the new media player looks like. (Image Source: Latest Windows)

The look and feel of Media Player is also new and matches the Windows 11 aesthetic we’ve seen so far. This includes a gradient play / pause button, along with matching icons and search bar. There is also a small overhaul of the controls and we see that some controls on the left side have now moved to the right.

Windows Media Player was the default music player for Windows until Windows 8, when Microsoft introduced the Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps, followed by Groove Music player for audio files and the Movies & TV app for video. . However, Windows Media Player is still included in Windows 10. It remains to be seen whether the new Media Player tool will completely replace the classic Windows Media Player or still be present alongside it.


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