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Windows 11 will give you another reason to choose Android over iOS

Microsoft has announced an update for Windows 11 that will help the company’s ambition to forge closer links between its new operating system and Android devices.

At its recent Surface event, the company briefly showcased a new version of the Your Phone app, which allows users to connect their Android smartphones to their PCs in order to access messages, notifications, and more.

Like other Microsoft Windows apps (Calendar, Mail, Capture Tool, etc.), Your phone gets a new coat of paint for Windows 11, along with an interface update that puts the notification panel at the top. foreground.

Your phone running Windows 11

While updating your phone doesn’t appear to offer any new features, it will align the app with the new Windows 11 aesthetic, characterized by rounded corners and a muted color scheme.

The interface is also new, with the notifications stream pinned to the left panel and the navigation bar (where users can access messages, photos, apps, and calls) hidden at the top of the window.

The effect is a much cleaner and less cluttered feel, with easier access to important notifications, which are hidden behind a tab in the current version.

Historically, Apple has always been the leader in synergies between PCs and mobile devices; the benefits of the ecosystem created by the company make it more likely that a person has multiple Apple devices and less likely to look elsewhere for future purchases.

The Your PC app attempts to provide some of the same benefits to Windows users who have Android devices, allowing them to access messages and make calls without having to put a hand in their pocket.

During the Windows 11 launch event, Microsoft also revealed that Android apps will also work natively on Windows 11, which can be downloaded through the Microsoft Store.

While Windows 11 and Android devices will likely never work together the same way an iPhone and Mac do, Microsoft is at least working to close the gap.

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