Windows 11 Deployment Begins Tomorrow: Should You Upgrade?


Microsoft announced Windows 11 in August this year, and the update will finally be rolling out to supported devices starting tomorrow. However, with the operating system still in its infancy, should you be an early user and upgrade on day one?

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s most secure operating system for PCs to date, with things like virtualization-based security (VBS) being key features. However, reports suggest that VBS might decrease your system performance, especially if you are a gamer.

Windows 11 for gamers

A report of PC player, gamers might see a performance drop of around 25%, which is more than enough to affect your frame rates. However, this will likely be an issue on newer pre-built PCs that ship with Windows 11. Older PCs upgraded from Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro might have VBS disabled by default.

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“While we don’t need VBS when upgrading to Windows 11, we believe the security benefits it offers are so important that we wanted the minimum system requirements to ensure that every PC running Windows 11 can meet the same security that DoD relies on, ”Microsoft said in a previous article explaining the TPM 2.0 requirement for Windows 11.

“In partnership with our OEM and silicon partners, we will be enabling VBS and HVCI on most new PCs over the next year. And we will continue to look for opportunities to expand VBS to more systems over time, ”the post added.

What if I don’t play games?

Even if you don’t play games, keep in mind that Windows 11 offers a lot of cool visual features and updates compared to Windows 10, but there might not be a lot of crucial new features for the game. average consumer.

If your PC is running Windows 10 fine right now, you might not have a good reason to rush to upgrade. Windows 10 is feature rich and also supported with security updates through 2025, giving you plenty of time to upgrade to Windows 11.

Also, major software updates often have bugs in these first few weeks, the main reason why the free upgrade to Windows 11 will be done in batches. It may even be months before you get a free Windows 11 update, and the wait isn’t a bad thing at all. You would probably be using a much more stable version of the operating system than the version released on October 5th.

How do I upgrade to Windows 11?

If you’ve considered the positives and negatives and are ready to move forward with updating Windows 11, you can check if you have an update option available after October 5th by going to at Settings> Update & security> Windows Update and click Check for updates. . If an update is available for you, you will see an option to update features to Windows 11 that you can download and install.

If an update option is not available, you can also check if your PC is actually eligible to run Windows 11. Here’s how.



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