Windows 11 bug returns users to Windows 10 taskbar

Windows 11

Windows 11 users report a strange upgrade experience where the operating system keeps showing the Windows 10 taskbar, while everything else uses the new Windows 11 user interface.

When a new version of Windows is released, there are always reports of strange behavior with the Start menu, taskbar, or other operating system features.

However, after upgrading to Windows 11, some users reported [1, 2] results where the new operating system becomes a hybrid of Windows 10 and Windows 11.

In a post on Reddit, one user shared a screenshot of Windows 11 showing that the new operating system continued to use the Windows 10 taskbar and the Start menu no longer worked.

“Updating to Windows 11 using Microsoft’s official Update Assistant. I still have the old taskbar and the start menu doesn’t work at all,” reads a subject. Reddit.

Windows 11 retaining the Windows 10 taskbar
Windows 11 retaining the Windows 10 taskbar

Shortly after posting about the issue, other Reddit users began commenting that they too had experienced similar behavior.

One of the people affected by these issues told TechToSee that aside from these issues, everything else in Windows 11 uses the new UI design.

This same issue was also seen when Windows 11 build 22000.194 was tested in the Insider previewer.

To resolve these issues, users have tried uninstalling the latest cumulative update for Windows 11, which worked in some cases.

Other users forced others to create a brand new user profile to resolve the issue. However, users then need to copy their data to the new profile and possibly reinstall some apps.

Because the new profile fixes the problem, it could be a registry corruption or an existing setting that is causing the problem.

With many features missing from the Windows 11 taskbar, such as the right-click context menu and the ability to ungroup windows, one user saw this bug as a good thing.

TechToSee has contacted Microsoft to see if they have any advice for users, but has not had a response yet.

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