Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB5005101 released with 34 fixes

Windows 10

Microsoft has released the optional cumulative update KB5005101 Preview for Windows 10 2004, Windows 10 20H2, and Windows 10 21H1 with fixes for thirty-four issues.

This preview update is part of Microsoft’s June 2021 monthly “C” update, allowing Windows 10 users to test the upcoming fixes and changes that will be released on September 14 as part of Patch Tuesday .

Unlike the updates released on Patch Tuesday, this preview update is optional and contains only bug fixes, performance improvements, and improvements. It does not include any security updates.

You can install this update by going to Settings > Windows Update and clicking on ‘Check for updates. ‘ Since this is an optional update, you will need to click on the “Download and Install” link for the update to install, as shown below.

Update KB5005101 available in Windows Update
Update KB5005101 available in Windows Update

Windows 10 users can also manually download and install the KB5005101 preview update from the Microsoft Update Catalog.

Bluetooth and USB headset issues resolved

This update tests two fixes for issues Windows 10 users experience with Bluetooth and USB headphones.

“Addresses an issue that prevents USB headphones from working on devices that support USB audio offloading.” This problem occurs if you have installed third-party audio drivers on the devices, ”Microsoft explained in Support Bulletin KB5005101.

“Addresses a rare condition that prevents Bluetooth headsets from connecting using the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) for music playback and causes the headsets to only work for voice calls.”

These problems do not appear to be common, but will likely be fixes eagerly awaited by many people working remotely.

What’s new in Windows 10 update KB5005101

After installing update KB5005101, Windows 10 2004 will see its build number changed to 19041.1202, Windows 10 20H2 to build 19042.1202, and Windows 10 21H1 to build 19042.1202.

Windows 10 Cumulative Update Preview KB5005101 includes 34 improvements or fixes, with all ten changes highlighted listed below:

  • Updates a rare condition that causes Bluetooth headsets to only work for voice calls.

  • Updates an issue that provides the wrong Furigana result when undoing Japanese retooling.

  • Updates an issue that resets sync for Microsoft OneDrive to “known folders only” after you install a Windows update.

  • Updates an issue that prevents headsets that connect to a device over USB from working if the device has certain third-party audio drivers.

  • Updates an image resizing issue that may produce flicker and residual line artifacts.

  • Updates an issue that prevents you from entering words in the username box during the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) process. This problem occurs when you use the Chinese Input Method Editor (IME).

  • Updates an issue with copying and pasting a text box in Office 365 apps. If you’re using an IME, you won’t be able to insert text into the text box.

  • Updates an issue that could prevent your device from working during a touch input gesture. This issue occurs if you put more fingers in contact with the touchpad or the screen in the middle of the gesture.

  • Updates an issue that may cause a black screen to display on an external monitor after hibernation. This problem can occur when the external monitor connects to a docking station using a certain hardware interface.

  • Updates an issue that resets the brightness of standard dynamic range (SDR) content on high dynamic range (HDR) monitors. This happens after restarting your device or reconnecting to the device remotely.

With this release, there are three known issues with KB5005101:

  • By using Microsoft Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) to input Kanji characters in an application that automatically allows Furigana character input, you may not get the correct Furigana characters.
  • Devices with Windows installations created from custom offline media or a custom ISO image may have Microsoft Edge Legacy removed by this update, but not automatically replaced by the new Microsoft Edge.
  • After installing the June 21, 2021 update (KB5003690), some devices may not install new updates, such as July 6, 2021 (KB5004945) or later updates. You will receive the error message “PSFX_E_MATCHING_BINARY_MISSING”.

You can find a complete list of improvements and fixes as well as detailed explanations of known issues in the KB5005101 support bulletin.


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