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Why the best winter training tech is a pair of waterproof on-ear headphones

In London, we are in the middle of the “wet” season. Every few months, more often if we are unlucky, the sky opens for a week and the city is bathed in a constant downpour washing away dirt and grime. This isn’t the kind of weather where you just roll up the collar, and an umbrella won’t offer much protection either; downpours clean the streets of people as well as garbage.

As you can imagine, this kind of weather isn’t exactly ideal for someone who writes a column about running – it’s hard to write about your running experiences if you pass everything. your time snuggled up in a dressing gown playing Dark Souls 2..

I don’t mind the rain, and I don’t mind getting wet. But the same cannot be said for my technology. I try to avoid getting caught in a downpour as there isn’t enough rice in the world to dry out all the gadgets I carry with me on a daily basis (as a tech reporter).

But something new has recently come to test: the UA Project Rock Over-Ear workout headphones. It’s a collaboration between JBL and Under Armor, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson themed, that I need to test out (and to see if they help me get into Beast mode, check back to my column in two weeks. time to find out).

These on-ear wireless headphones are IPX4 rated, so they are both rain and sweat resistant. However, the protection they offer from the elements isn’t the only reason they’ve helped me keep running in the wind and rain.

Put the “oof” in “waterproof”

Some tech is rated waterproof, some isn’t – and, clearly, I’m not going to go for a long jog in the rain with a gadget that might malfunction at the first sign of wetness. However, while some devices are technically waterproof (they will easily survive a pinch of water), others are more virtually waterproof, meaning they will continue to perform almost as well in water as when they are. dry.

Take, for example, a smartwatch. All racing models will likely be water resistant. However, while some will not be a problem to use when the screen is spotted with water or your hands are sweaty, on others the humidity will prevent the device from recording your scans with any degree of accuracy. any.

Note from the writers: I am not the model of the JBL headphones. (Image credit: Under Armor / JBL)

Most of the gadgets I own are “technically waterproof”. My pre-Project Rock headphones didn’t let water get in the way of their performance, but when wet from the rain they could slip around my ears, and since they weren’t very loud, the sound of whatever music played was often drowned out because of the crackle or rain.

I need to listen to music while running, and those old headphones (admittedly very cheap) put me off going out if it rains. I wasn’t going to enjoy this powerful and energizing song if I couldn’t understand it. But that’s no longer a problem now.

Have you ever heard the rain?

What I love most about the Project Rock Over-Ear Workout Headphones is that I can actually hear the music through the rain hitting the sidewalk.

That’s because the cans have noise-canceling technology to filter out the worst of times, and that’s just one of the features of the headphones that helped me get through those super wet outings. The other key is the IPX4 index; Technically, the Project Rock headphones are splash proof, but on a practical level, they can survive the rain.

There is a lot more that I love about headphones, however. The fit is tight, they are easy to install, and the physical controls are convenient to use. Plus, the battery life is an impressive 45 hours. I often forget to charge my drive tech until I’m about to go, but since UA cans last so long between charges, I don’t have to worry about that.

I’m familiar with rainy day gadgets like the Honor Watch GS Pro (Image credit: Avenir)

No rain, no gain

Initially, I didn’t want to test the Project Rock Over-Ear Training cans in the rain – I would have been perfectly happy to wait until the wet season is over. However, as I have experienced countless times in London, you may embark on what feels like a dry day, only to suddenly find yourself drenched within minutes.

Instead of going back, however, I found the helmet to be well adapted to the humidity.

An added benefit of using over-ear headphones over my previous wireless pair is the protection against “hairy” situations. Even though I don’t have long hair, when it is soggy, it can easily fall out in front of my eyes; here, however, I was able to slip it under the band of the helmet.

Another feature that I welcome is the automatic music pause when I remove the headphones from my head. Of course, I won’t do as much in the race, but it’s still a decent addition. There are a few different devices that come with this capability, but it rarely works well.

The Brahma bull logo on the Project Rock headphones is inspired by Dwayne Johnson’s tattoo. It doesn’t seem entirely appropriate to me to have this mighty mammal on your head – I think a calf or something soft like a chimpanzee or a penguin might be more appropriate. Nonetheless, these headphones helped me maintain my running routine on rainy days, turning me into a bit more of a gazelle.

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