Why a renowned games analyst isn’t playing Halo Infinite on PC right now

Get ready for choppy frame rates on this bad guy's animations, even on your most powerful PC, thanks to certain missing optimizations on <em>Infinite halo</em>is the next PC version. “><figcaption class=

Enlarge / Prepare for jerky frame rates on this villain’s animations, even on your most powerful PC, thanks to some missing optimizations on Infinite halothe next PC version.

Xbox game studios / 343 industries

Ars Technica will end up working with Infinite halocampaign on PC, but as I noted in my feature film review, our repeated requests to test the game on PC were denied.

So, ahead of the release on Wednesday, we find ourselves sifting through reports from the few outlets that have been deemed worthy of having a specific PC look at the. Infinite campaign. The most comprehensive analysis to date, delivered by Digital Foundry PC game legend Alex Battaglia, ends with a fairly strong judgment.

“I won’t be playing to complete the campaign until a number of the issues I mentioned are resolved, because I really want to have super fluidity. Halo experience that the current game does not always offer, ”says Battaglia.

See for yourself (sort of)

Head over to Steam or the Windows Store now, and you can download the free competitive multiplayer version of Infinite halo. If you do, you’ll find a pretty robust settings menu that includes the all-important toggles for visual settings, as well as sliders for your field of view and your monitor’s aspect ratio.

The best news ahead of the campaign launch is that PC ultra-wide monitor ratios, which can reach extremes like 32: 9, compared to the HDTV standard of 16: 9, seem to work well in versus modes, which primarily focus on the first one-in-person fight, as well as brief pre- and post-match camera cutscenes.

The Infinite The campaign will undoubtedly put more emphasis on arbitrary surveillance ratios, as it includes a parcel of cut scenes. These scenes also play around with Master Chief’s perspective in a smart way, as they switch from his view in the helmet to third-person perspectives at all times. Previous promotional videos for Infinite confirmed that the game’s PC development team focused on making these cut scenes work with ultra-wide monitor ratios. So far, however, we haven’t seen anyone test these perspective-shifting cutscenes, nor Infinitethe ambitious open-world environment of, on screens beyond 16: 9 standard.

I don’t feel so dynamic

Infiniteis the PC version? According to Digital Foundry, maybe not bad. “> Infiniteis the PC version? According to Digital Foundry, maybe not bad. “Src =” https://cdn.arstechnica.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/halo-open-world-980×551.png “width =” 980 “height = “551”>
Enlarge / How exactly will this scene stutter Infiniteis the PC version? According to Digital Foundry, maybe not bad.

Xbox game studios

Battaglia also says that there are some curious issues with the performance of the PC version that are not found in the console versions. The biggest problem is a constant increase in “frame time” when the game’s dynamic resolution scaling (DRS) system is activated.

Infinite can strain the CPU of an average gaming PC, even when the game is running at 720p resolution and low visual settings. The problem occurs on Intel and AMD processors. For this reason, Battaglia recommends activating InfiniteThe built-in dynamic resolution setting of so that the pixel count can increase and decrease to help stabilize performance during frantic open-world encounters.

But something about this DRS system triggers a constant and predictable freeze in the game’s temporal stability. Worse yet, the freeze is triggered by some form of rendering metric inside the engine. So if you increase your frame rates upper, freezing occurs more often, such as every four seconds when running at 120 fps. Ouch.


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