Where to buy latex gloves and how to use them safely

As COVID-19 cases rise again, people are wondering where to buy latex gloves. Whether you’re looking for more protection or better overall hygiene, we’ve created a list of stores that have protective gloves in stock.

However, we recommend that you buy only what you need. While the supply shortages we experienced at the start of the pandemic are mostly behind us, healthcare professionals still need these gloves. (Be sure to check out our guide on where to buy face masks or where to buy a quick Covid test).

Personally, I use these latex gloves sparingly. As part of social distancing, I reduce trips to the grocery store and all trips outside where I would touch anything other than my door, to get into the building.

So while we want to help you find those gloves, we’ll start with everything you need to know before you put on a pair.

Where to buy latex gloves online

You will notice a variety of rubber gloves in this listing. While I can find yellow latex gloves at my local CVS, they aren’t the only option. If you see nitrile gloves, these are a good option because they have higher durability than latex gloves, while providing a high degree of protection against viruses. Avacare Medical, a company that sells products for the care of the elderly, explains more here.

What you need to know about latex gloves

The biggest piece of advice medical professionals give us is not to view latex gloves as an easy way to get back to normal life. They are not an alternative to washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, or performing any of the other important safety precautions we’ve taken these days.

Dr Amesh Adalja, principal investigator at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, told the Today’s show that “Latex gloves can tear very easily … They are not designed for going out, going up stairs, doing the things of everyday life. They are not very tough when it comes to pumping. gasoline or whatever … They are going to have holes. They are not meant to be worn during activities and daily life. Even as a doctor, my gloves get ripped all the time. “

You should also know how the coronavirus is spread, because gloves do not protect against all methods. Aline Holmes, a registered nurse in New Jersey, told Today the virus spreads through the mucus and water droplets people give off, and “those droplets go about four or five feet and then fall to the ground. . Wearing gloves isn’t necessarily going to do anything … Eventually, you’ll take those gloves off. “

That’s why I throw away each pair of gloves after use, being careful to avoid touching the outside of the gloves. That last part is huge, as Adajla said people would likely touch their faces while wearing gloves, which you shouldn’t be doing. You wouldn’t want to crack open a chili with gloves on and pat the tips of your gloves against your eyes, would you?

Finally, we have proper glove removal instructions, straight from the CDC.

How to remove latex gloves

  1. Do not touch your bare skin with the outside of a glove.
  2. Using one glove, pull the other from the base to the wrist.
  3. Remove the glove from your body by pulling it upside down.
  4. Hold this glove in the still gloved hand.
  5. Using the hand that is not in a glove, peel off the glove you are wearing, inserting your fingers inside, at the wrist.
  6. Pull the second glove inside out and dispose of both properly.


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