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When Apple turned to Bollywood for the iPhone 13 launch

On Tuesday evening, Indian consumers heard a familiar tune at Apple’s highly anticipated global virtual event. It was excerpts from the popular RD Burman song “Dum Maro Dum ” featured in the 1971 Hindi film ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna ‘.

Fans quickly took to social media wondering if the tech giant actually used music inspired by the Bollywood song at the iPhone 13 launch event. The iPhone 13 announcement titled “Everyday heroesFeatures a young man riding his motorcycle around town delivering packages to consumers while enduring difficult conditions involving mud and water.

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The announcement takes advantage of the harsh conditions to showcase the various features of the new iPhone, such as water resistance and ceramic protective shield, among others. Above all, it includes the prelude to “During the sea Dum ”, a sort of retreaded version, as part of the song“ Work All Day ”by artist Footsie.

A Twitter user echoed the sentiment Tuesday night, saying, “I swear it looked like dum maro dum in the iPhone 13 video… just me?” Filmmaker Ken Ghosh tweeted, “Did I just hear a #Dummarodum inspired tune at the iPhone launch? # iphone13series #iPhone #californiastreaming ”

Putting all doubt aside, on Wednesday, Vikram Mehra, general manager of Saregama confirmed that it was indeed the “While the sea”Air. In an article on Linkedin, he wrote: “Apple authorized and used Saregama’s song”Dum Maro Dum ” for the iPhone 13 launch event and publicity … another indicator that Indian music has arrived on the world stage and, more importantly, Retro Music Rocks ”.

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Along with the launch of the iPhone 13 series, the tech giant also launched the new iPad series featuring an A13 Bionic chip and the Watch 7 series.

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