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What the Amazon event tells us about Black Friday 2021

This year, the Amazon 2021 event has plenty of surprises in store. There was a smart home robot called Astro that combines huge chunks of Amazon’s tech portfolio into a single companion device, smart screens, video cameras, and more, as well as an Amazon Glow toy for games streamed through. a searchlight on the ground in front of him.

We also saw more information on a Ring camera drone, a new security system and Wi-Fi 6 router in the Ring Alarm Pro, a Blink video doorbell, a Halo View fitness tracker with a built-in display, and Moreover.

But for every big surprise announcement, there was also a notable absence.

Although Amazon built its technological reputation on the Amazon Echo line of speakers, there were no further iterations to be had. Given that previous years have seen reimaginations of the Echo (with the kind of glowing orb befitting a Pixar villain) or even Echo Studio speakers that an audiophile wouldn’t feel completely embarrassed about. being caught listening, it’s strange not to see anything advertised in this product category this time around.

As the category at the heart of Amazon’s gadget lines, it’s clear the retail giant still has big plans for it and more hardware iterations are sure to come next year for a number of. Echo models.

When it comes to Black Friday, therefore, there should be plenty of discounts on existing models to maintain interest in the Echo range and move the aging stock before a new generation of Echo speakers hits the scene. .

Last year we saw price drops on a number of Amazon productsincluding $ 20 / £ 20 the recommended retail price of the fourth-gen Echo Dot, $ 40 / £ 40 off the Fire TV Cube, $ 60 / £ 60 off the Ring Video doorbell, and more.

We’re already seeing lower prices on the third-gen Echo Dot (now $ 40 / £ 40 compared to the fourth-gen $ 50 / £ 50) and that gap is likely only to widen over the period of time. sale. Everything from the main Amazon Echo to the high-end Echo Studio is also expected to see price drops and the lack of any immediate Echo hardware refresh means the focus will be entirely on older models.

This equipment is on fire


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We also expect to see discounts on the Fire TV line. It was very unusual not to see new Fire TV products announced at an Amazon launch event, although this was likely due to the Fire TV models that were already on the horizon.

The Fire TV Stick 4K Max was unveiled a few weeks ago possibly to allow the September event to focus on other gadgets and products for the first time, such as the Astro smart home robot while the Amazon line of Omni smart TVs are already on the scene too.

Cheaper and older Fire TV Sticks like the Fire TV Stick (2020) and Fire TV Stick Lite, even the regular 4K Fire TV Stick are all expected to get $ 10 to $ 20 / £ 10 to £ 20 off their retail prices. recommended, making Black Friday the best time to buy a new Amazon streamer, if you haven’t purchased one during Prime Day sales earlier in the year.

Even the 4K Max model might well realize a small saving, as Amazon tries to generate interest in the new dongle with a flash discount, and we might see the same with the new Halo View fitness tracker that builds on the. Halo wrist gadget with a screen.

So when new hardware is available it is worth checking to see if the latest model in a range is getting a discount before choosing a less advanced version for a similar price.

We don’t expect to see Black Friday discounts on the Astro robot largely because it’s part of the Amazon’s Day 1 Edition program for innovative products, so you need to register for the privilege of purchasing one. It is also only available in the United States at this time. But if you consider the adorable (dangerous?) Little con artist, the introductory price of $ 999 is expected to drop to $ 1,499 after the first few months on sale, which could be the real savings to be had before the 2021 release.


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