Visible customer accounts of digital operator Verizon have been hacked

Visible store
Source: Wikipedia, Credits: Joe Mabel (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Visible, a U.S. digital wireless operator owned by Verizon, admitted that some customer accounts were hacked after facing technical issues in the past two days.

The announcement was made on the official Visible subreddit by an employee who said the company was investigating an incident that led to the violation of a small number of accounts.

As the post mentions: “We are currently investigating an incident in which information on a small number of members’ accounts was changed without their permission. We are working hard to take protective measures to secure these accounts.You should review all other accounts that share the same email, username, or password, and make any changes you feel are necessary to secure those accounts.

Although the company’s statement provides limited details regarding the incident, the employee advised customers to secure accounts with credentials also used with other online services hinting at a potential jam attack. credentials.

Affected users have noticed suspicious activity on their accounts and some are also reporting fraudulent card charges, but they all claim to be unable to access accounts and reset passwords.

User complaining about unenforceable Visible protection guidelines
User complaining about Visible’s unenforceable protection guidelines
Source: Reddit

Users also face a privacy breach, as account dashboards contain sensitive personal information such as names, home addresses, and payment information.

Unfortunately, not all payment methods added to the account can be deleted and only new ones can be added. Old methods can be removed once a new one has been added, verified, and selected as primary.

In the context of a data breach, this procedure is cumbersome and of little use in remedying the situation.

Visible says there was no violation

Visible claims that none of its systems have been hacked by hackers and advises customers to change their passwords and security questions out of caution.

While the company presents this as a limited scope incident, there is suspicion that Visible’s official support Twitter account admitted technical issues with the chat platform.

The above was posted a few hours ago, while the Reddit security update notice arrived on Monday. This means that whatever is plaguing Visible’s services appears to be persistent and still ongoing.

We have contacted Verizon for a clarifying statement, but have yet to receive a response.

A crucial point raised by a large number of Visible users is the lack of two-factor authentication as a security option to protect their accounts.

While 2FA is not the ultimate form of security, especially SMS-based one, it could have provided effective protection against a large-scale credential-stuffing attack, assuming that’s what happened. past.

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