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Twitter is testing an Instagram-like look with edge-to-edge tweets, Communities feature

Twitter plans to replace its box-style user interface for the mobile app with a new Instagram-like edge-to-edge user interface in the near future. Tweets in the new user interface will start from the left edge of the screen, removing the blank indentation, and extend to the right edge of the screen.

The new interface will make tweets look more refined and immersive, also making the most of screen space on today’s larger devices. This will be especially beneficial for multimedia tweets with images, GIFs and / or videos.

The microblogging platform shared a preview of the new user interface, letting us know that the implementation is currently being tested on iOS. Find out below.

The new UI will feel right at home if users also use the Facebook or Instagram apps, which have had a similar edge-to-edge interface for years. Any text captions that are also part of the tweet will now be visible above the image, GIF, or video, while the Like and Retweet buttons will be at the bottom.

While the feature is currently being tested for iOS users, it is also limited to certain accounts. Therefore, if you are using iOS and don’t see the new UI, then it is better to wait for the stable update to bring the new look. .

Twitter adds software blocking

Another feature that Twitter is testing on the web platform is the ability to block accounts or prevent them from following your account without notifying them. Previously, this was only possible by blocking and then unblocking a user.

Unlike a proper block, a software block only removes the account from your subscriber list, and they can still see your tweets by going to your profile. Software blocked users will also be able to follow you again if they choose to do so.

Twitter Communities

The platform also creates invite-only communities that will be moderated by admins and allow users to share their ideas on topics of common interest. Administrators of these communities will have an unlimited number of invitations to add users, while members will be limited to five invitations each. The feature is currently being tested on iOS and the web, but is expected to arrive on Android later.

Some of the communities currently available are listed below.

#AstroTwitter: @ijaadee, @shawtyastrology, @milkstrology
#DogTwitter: @dog_rates, @dogfather, @briancanterbury
#SkincareTwitter: @labeautyologist, @makeupforwoc, @caveofbeaut
#SoleFood: @jazzyrae, @sneakerphetish, @_talkswithtj.

Once added to a community, users will see the corresponding sections on the Twitter app. Here, they can tweet about these topics of interest, and only other members of the community will be able to interact with those tweets, being able to like, reply, and retweet. Note that these community tweets will always be publicly visible. Initially, Twitter communities will be limited, but as Twitter opens up community building to more people, expect more communities to show up.

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