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Tired of queuing for gas? Here’s how to take an electric bike for a six hour test ride

Halfords has started a program that will let you take an electric bike for an extended test drive before you decide to splash out (and possibly replace your car). As Cycling Weekly explains, you can register by visiting the Halfords website, clicking “Book Your Test Drive” and entering your zip code.

Select a store from the list that appears and you will be presented with a list of available e-bikes. It won’t be an exhaustive lineup, but there should be a good variety, including hybrid, mountain, road, and folding e-bikes.

If you can’t see the exact model you envisioned, it’s always worth booking a ride; there is probably a model with similar specs, and you might just discover something important after riding it for half a day. Maybe you need more range, or an electric road bike is too heavy to ride on a train as part of your morning commute.

The slots are likely to fill up quickly, however; demand for e-bikes has risen sharply in recent weeks due to soaring gasoline prices and shortages in the UK, as reported by The Times.

You will be asked to pay a deposit of £ 101, which will be refunded when you return the bike, and you will need to provide two pieces of ID (at least one of which must be photo ID, such as a passport or permit To drive).

Three of the electric bikes available for a test drive in Halfords

There is a good range of e-bikes available for testing, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and folding commuter bikes. (Image credit: Halfords)

Want a little longer? There is no guarantee, but you may be able to extend your test drive if you speak to a member of store staff before you go.

How to choose an electric bike

So how do you decide which e-bike to book for a test drive? One of your first considerations will almost certainly be the price. We have tested a huge range of e-bikes over the years and have come to the conclusion that you are unlikely to find a good quality all-rounder e-bike for less than £ 1,200. Below that level, you are going to be making a sacrifice of some sort.

An entry-level electric bike should have a range of around 40 to 60 miles, and there are some important components to look out for, such as disc brakes to deal with the extra forces created by the bike’s motor. Any electric bike should also have a good IP rating, indicating good resistance to water and dirt, and ideally it should also have internal wiring to protect the electronics from damage.

However, an electric bicycle does not need a lot of additional maintenance. As Shimano’s training manager Julian Thrasher told TechToSee in a recent interview, the most important things are to always store it clean, to make sure it is fully charged before going on a ride. and bring it to a service center once a year to make sure you have all of the latest firmware updates.

This is something Halfords can handle, which is handy if you fall in love with your trial bike and want to use your deposit to purchase it.


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