TikTok opens 300 ghost kitchens to feature culinary trends made famous by creators

In letter : Video-focused social networking service TikTok, in a surprise move, announced a partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) to bring some of the platform’s most popular food trends to life.

TikTok Kitchen will be a delivery mark only. The service will operate from existing restaurants as ghost kitchens, with VDC promising restaurateurs the opportunity to earn up to $ 500 or more in profit per day in exchange for using their equipment and staff to cook for the day. Brand.

The concept may sound strange, but its popularity is increasing. VDC, for example, is also late MrBeast Burger, the only online food ordering service created by internet personality Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast on YouTube) a year ago. The service currently operates in more than 1,000 ghost kitchens in North America and Europe.

VDC noted the dishes will celebrate the culinary trends made famous by the creators of TikTok, including smash burgers, corn chops and baked feta pasta. Full details are not yet known, but VDC notes that TikTok Kitchen will have around 25 SKUs at any given time with an average prep time of eight to 10 minutes.

TikTok Kitchen Goals launch with 300 locations and hopes to have 1,000 locations open by the end of 2022.

Do you think it’s a good idea for TikTok to venture out and test new business models like this, or should they just stick with what they know – social media – and keep doing what has worked so far? As a foodie, I’m intrigued by the opportunity to try new dishes, but I’m not sure if I’m convinced by the concept of ghost cuisine. With this model, nobody’s reputation is really at stake, which could facilitate the service of partner restaurateurs. mediocre food and not worry too much about bad reviews.


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