This TikTok hack cleans your blender in seconds without a sponge

TikTok is always introducing new cleaning tips. Some are admittedly better than others, but the latest trend is certainly helpful in finding out if you own a full-size or personal blender.

Cleaning your blender never comes at a convenient time, especially since many of us take our smoothies straight out to work or the gym. Considering this, when this cleaning hack first appeared, it was well received by mixer owners all over the world.

Mixers are great for smoothie lovers, but they can also be used for everyday recipes, like mayonnaise and batter. The only problem with mixers is the mess you have left after you’re done. The blades can trap residue underneath which is difficult to reach, and the mixture can also dry on the walls of the pitcher, which you should immediately rinse off to avoid.

Some brands offer dishwasher-safe parts, but in my experience you need the blender again before you run the dishwasher, so you end up hand washing anyway.

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Fortunately, there is a very simple and handy cleaning hack that you can use with mixers, which this TikTok user was happy to discover. Your blender is designed to hold and mix liquids and foods, so why should soap and water be any different? Once you have finished mixing and emptying the contents, add a little lukewarm water, half will do, and add a few drops of dish soap. Close the lid, then turn on your blender and watch it clean itself.

Some other high-end blenders come with self-cleaning programs so that it regulates itself, but if not, give it about 10 seconds, then turn it off, drain the dirty water and rinse the container. And there you have it, a shiny and clean blender! Remember to leave the cover on while it dries.

Clean a blender

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How to clean a cloudy blender

If your blender has a plastic jug or cup, you may notice that it starts to get cloudy over time. This residue was left behind by hard water and foods rich in minerals and can be difficult to remove. However, there is a very easy method to get rid of this film and make your cup look like new again.

Simply add a cup of distilled white vinegar and fill the jar halfway with lukewarm water. Let sit and soak for about 8 hours, or ideally overnight. Then empty it, rinse and scrub off any remaining residue. It couldn’t be easier.


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