This is what an iPhone could look like with USB-C

While almost all non-Apple smartphones (and most other portable gadgets) charge with USB-C, Apple stubbornly stuck with its proprietary Lightning connector, but a talented robotics student showed what could have been. to be.

Ken Pillonel has been working on modifying an iPhone to charge and transfer data via USB-C for some time, and he’s finally finished his project.

In a short YouTube video (below) you can see the result. It’s an iPhone that looks intact, except there’s a USB-C port in place of the Lightning port, and you can see it starts charging when plugged in.

YouTube video

It’s an impressive result, and Pillonel claims he will have a video showing how he got there before long. In the meantime, he already has an old video showing the start of his USB-C journey.

This is probably not a modification that you are going to want to make for yourself. Although we haven’t seen the entire process, we imagine it to be long and difficult. Still, it shows that it’s possible without a real iPhone overhaul.

(Image credit: TechToSee)

Analysis: a real USB-C iPhone could be on the way

If you’re hoping that an iPhone with USB-C can one day become a reality without having to make it yourself, you might be in luck because the EU wants that to happen as well.

It announced plans to make USB-C the universal charging standard for smartphones and most other portable devices, which would mean Apple would have to include a USB-C port for all phones sold in the. EU. And if it were to do that, chances are it would switch to USB-C for the rest of the world as well.

Don’t get too excited though. These plans are not finalized and even if they are, Apple will have 24 months to make the change. Additionally, Apple could still choose to make the iPhone portless instead and rely solely on wireless charging. This would technically meet the terms of the law.

Still, a USB-C iPhone is far less of a fantasy now than it once was, and given how convenient it is to be able to charge everything with just one cable, it could be a positive change.

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