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This company has a golden PlayStation 5 that can be yours for just over $ 350,000

In letter : Sony’s PlayStation 5 is the best-selling console ever, and the company shipped more than 10 million units in the first eight months after launch. To celebrate this achievement, a company called Caviar has created a gold version of the PlayStation 5 that is just as expensive as it looks.

The original PlayStation 5 console as well as the minor revision that launched this year are still hard to find, and most people still have to go through the insane lottery of online and offline retailer replenishments to get one.

However, if money isn’t an issue and you’re a fan of luxury, a Russian company called Caviar has a solution in the form of a bespoke PlayStation 5 coated in 18k gold. Some of you may remember the gold-plated PlayStation 5 from Truly Exquisite, but the Caviar version takes things to a whole new level with an ornate decorative pattern that gives it a unique look.

The console is accompanied by a personalized stand in black wood, as well as a joystick with leather handles and golden chopsticks on which is engraved the Caviar logo. The company has only made five of these PlayStation 5 Prime Gold consoles, and you can have one for the unbeatable price of $ 352,770.

If that’s not your thing, Caviar has also made nine units of what he calls the PlayStation 5 Golden Rock, sporting unique geometry that will look familiar to Deus Ex fans. This one carries a price tag of $ 366,310. .

Of course, paying a six-figure price for a gaming console isn’t something most people will be able to do. That’s why Caviar also made 99 units of a gold-plated PlayStation 5 model that sports the same texture as the Prime Gold variant and costs $ 12,750. It’s still a big sum, but it’s 30 times cheaper for a custom console with the same silicon core inside.

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