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This AirPods Max accessory dramatically improves Apple’s headphones

I’ve been using Apple AirPods Max for almost a year, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned to hate about $ 549 headphones (on top of that price) over time, it’s the dreaded carrying case.

Call it a caddy, call it a sports bra – no matter what it looks like, it’s still a virtually useless product. Does it protect expensive headphones? No. Does this elevate their overall aesthetic? No, not if you ask me.

OK, maybe I’m a little harsh. Storage in smart case Is Preserve the AirPods Max battery charge by activating an ultra-low power state. AirPods Max provide around 20 hours of playtime with ANC on, but the case can help you save power when you’re not listening to music or taking calls.

I’ve been spending more time outdoors lately, however. And I would love to take the headphones that I’ve used at home for much of the past year with me, so I can channel the superb sound quality, easy Siri access, and effortless noise cancellation wherever. that I am.

But I didn’t get the impression that the included AirPods Max case is a real pair of portable headphones, even though it does turn the mesh headband into a sort of carrying handle. I’m not comfortable throwing the headphones in my backpack, weekend bag, or everyday tote bag.

That’s why I bought this AirPods Max case for $ 30 from Amazon. There are dozens of AirPods Max cases listed on the e-merchant, but I have been very happy with customer reviews of this model. It’s shockproof (drop protection) and waterproof, promising to keep my headphones safe wherever I go.

Better yet, it comes with a magnet that claims to trigger the same AirPods Max low-power mode as Apple’s Smart Case. This means that my AirPods Max battery life should always persist when I take them on weekends.

The case closes fully, which means that no part of my AirPods Max is exposed. It also has a small carrying strap, which I don’t imagine using a lot, but which could be useful for retrieving the headphones if they fell to the bottom of my bag.

Of course, it’s not as high-end as the Smart Case. The solid gray finish I chose doesn’t satisfy my sense of design either. But I know what’s inside, and no one else at the airport or the cafe needs to see me sporting my fancy headphones in a case barely there, anyway.

You can take a look at the case I bought from the TikTok below. It’s also your sign to follow TechToSee’s Guide on TikTok, if you haven’t already.


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The only downside of this Amazon case compared to Apple’s smart case is that you have to remove the AirPods Max to charge them. The Smart Case offers a small space to power the Lightning port.

Still, I’m going to choose that extra second of downside over my AirPods Max crashing in my bag. Apple probably should have sold the AirPods Max with a more substantial casing, like the one that came with the Bose 700 and Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones. But for $ 30, I’m glad I found an alternative to keep some of the best headphones safe.


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