These transparent Apple prototypes put the air in AirPods

Apple device collector Giulio Zompetti has photographed an Apple 29W charging brick prototype, and this is perhaps one of the rare cases where the current product may look better than the final version. What makes it special is that you can literally see Apple’s design process through the clear plastic shell, unlike the retail version where the internal components are hidden by opaque white plastic.

Zompetti also tweeted another clear prototype, a pair of AirPods that lived up to the name “Air”. The retro-futuristic look of the densely packaged electronics makes me wish Apple was selling see-through gadgets again.

Transparent electronics were a (cool) fad in the 90s, with Apple’s own iMac G3 often mentioned by those who remember the age of transparent or translucent electronics, alongside the Nintendo 64 and that Unisonic clear landline. But the look seems to be experiencing some kind of revival: you can buy skins that make it look like you’ve made a transparent mod on your phone (without the risks that come with scrape paint or plastic from the back panel), and companies like Nothing are launching genuinely transparent gadgets. Not to mention the variety of aftermarket mods for consoles like Nintendo Switch that allow you to replace the opaque plastic of the device with a case that shows the internals.

Nothing’s Ear 1s look a lot like the AirPod prototypes.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Reddit user Odellot posted a huge collection of transparent gadgets, including a PS5 controller and DualSense.
Picture: you / Odellot

These days, it seems unlikely that Apple will sell bright, whimsical devices – we can barely get any color on business devices, and the Apple logo hasn’t started to shine again, despite the new MacBook featuring a refreshed design. . But I can hope that Apple will return to its roots if transparent devices start to come back in force.

So come on, Apple; your engineers are doing an impressive job, that you like to show in presentations. Why not let it see the light of day and make us relive the future by offering us transparent accessories?

If you like to see the internals of Apple devices, Zompetti also posted photos of an AirPower prototype earlier this year, showing off some incredible circuitry. You can also consult The edgeon the original iPhone prototype, which looked more like a mock electronics project than the handheld device it would eventually become.


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