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These four SIM-only deals dominate this weekend – EE, Three, Voxi and Smarty

Are you setting aside time this weekend to look for a new SIM plan for your phone? We’re here to speed up that process by bringing together the four essential SIM offerings currently available.

These four offers come from EE, Three, Smarty and Voxi. Three stands out as the choice for the best overall value. It costs just £ 16 per month, but gives you a completely unlimited data, calling and texting plan. It is the cheapest unlimited SIM card on the market today.

Alternatively, if you are a fan of EE and its impressive speeds, there is currently a fantastic deal on a 120GB data SIM card, which costs just £ 20 per month – one of the best overall prices we have. have seen it for some time. EE.

For those who want something a little more flexible, Voxi and Smarty are better options. Both run on month-long rolling contracts, with Smart priced at £ 15 per month for 50GB of data and Voxi at £ 12 per month for 12GB. Although you don’t get as much data with Voxi here As a bonus, you’ll get unlimited use of social media and streaming apps.

1. Three’s excellent unlimited data plan:

Three SIM | 12 month contract | Unlimited data, calls and texts | £ 16 per month
For the overall value, Three stands out as the best SIM plan on the market right now with this offer. It only costs you £ 16 per month, but for that price you’ll get a completely unlimited data, calling and texting plan. This is the cheapest price for unlimited data, plus Three includes 5G at no additional cost.

2. The best EE SIM plan:

3. Smarty flexible and inexpensive SIM:

4. Unlimited social networks and streaming with Voxi:

Voxi SIM | 1 month rolling | 12 GB of data | Unlimited calls and texts | £ 12 per month
Voxi doesn’t offer the best data cap for the price, but what it does offer is an impressive collection of additional incentives. This is because with this plan, in addition to the 12 GB of data, you will also benefit from completely unlimited use of streaming and social media applications. This includes Netflix, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Plus, it’s 5G compatible – plenty of features for £ 12 a month!

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