The new Samsung Home Hub is what the Amazon Echo Show 15 should be

Of all the Samsung TVs and devices announced at CES 2022, one device in particular caught my eye: the Samsung Home Hub, which promises to make it much easier to control smart devices in your home. And that’s something Amazon, Google, and Apple would do well to copy.

The Home Hub will have an 8.4-inch touchscreen that sits in a charging station. Two microphones will send your voice commands to Bixby (!), And two speakers will let you play music and more. In addition to smart home devices, the Home Hub will allow you to control other devices in your home such as household appliances, monitor energy use and air quality, and search for recipes.

Even if it is no longer one of the best smart home hubs, Samsung’s SmartThings platform is still one of the best when it comes to connecting and controlling smart home devices. It’s easy to create fairly complex integrations between many different products.

However, unless you want the SmartThings app to be always open on a tablet, you either need to connect it to Alexa or Google Assistant, or pull out your phone if you want to turn on the lights.

Voice control is useful, but being able to tap a screen to adjust your lights or to quickly view your video doorbell is incredibly convenient. the Amazon Echo Show 15 and its smart home widgets give you some of these features, just like the Google Nest Hub – but don’t really let yourself create a custom interface from which you can adjust lights, start routines, and more.

While I like the space of the Echo Show 15, an 8- or 10-inch tablet seems to be the right size for this type of application. In a perfect world, Amazon would create a Show mode wall-mounted charging station with built-in speakers for its Fire tablets. This would give you the most flexibility as to where you want to place it and allow you to use the tablet as an Echo smart speaker.

But, without a better interface for the smart home, all hardware would be for nothing, which is so appealing with Samsung’s Home Hub. Samsung is also working in favor of the fact that, unlike Google and Amazon, it also makes smart devices, which could make the experience smoother if you wanted to wait until you leave home to start your washing machine, or if you wanted to. preheat your oven when starting a recipe.

Samsung also announced that it is joining the Alliance for Home Connectivity, so probably in the future you will be able to use its Home Hub even if you have a GE dishwasher or a Trane air conditioner.

Samsung didn’t provide a price for the Home Hub, but said it would launch in Korea in March, with global distribution coming soon. Whenever it comes to the United States, I can’t wait to try it.


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