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The new ColorOS 12 based on Android 12 – A nifty upgrade with features that will significantly deliver a seamless experience

The stock Android experience can be hard to beat, especially since a lot of companies tend to make customizations that just don’t look right. But then, there are some who not only master the basics of Android, but also surpass it to become even better than you might imagine. One of those Android-based operating systems that has steadily risen to stardom is OPPO’s ColorOS. And now, with the launch of ColorOS 12, OPPO has made it clear how their custom skins can transform the smartphone experience to match the best.

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Since its release, ColorOS has grown significantly in the industry. After its launch in 2013, ColorOS quickly gained followers, surpassing 30 million users in 2015. The brand has continued to release iterations of the operating system, each improving on the previous one and each improvement being designed with it in mind. mind the user experience. And then last year, OPPO switched from ColorOS 7 to ColorOS 11, bringing a slew of customizations and customizations to its operating system. From fine-tuning user control over design to managing applications, OPPO has it all.

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The all-new ColorOS 12 advances this brand heritage, including being the largest and fastest upgrade in operating system history, spanning 110 mobile models and 150 million users worldwide ! Additionally, the all new ColorOS 12 is based on the new Google operating system, making OPPO one of the first OEMs to release Android 12.

Along with this, OPPO has also embarked on an upgrade policy for the first time, offering three Android version upgrades and four years of security patch maintenance for its flagship models. In fact, over the next few months, OPPO plans to roll out ColorOS 12 to its signature line of devices here in India. From November 2021 for its hugely successful Reno series – Reno6 Pro 5G, Reno6 Pro Diwali Edition and Reno6 5G.

The ColorOS 12 has very similar features and user interface to the original Android, including the ubiquitous Google Feed and Material You. Thanks to its deep technical cooperation with Google, especially in the area of ​​interconnectivity, the new ColorOS 12 is getting a lot of attention and buzz for its unique upgrades.

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I had the chance to discover the new ColorOS 12 and I am very impressed. Inclusiveness, for example, is perhaps the highlight of ColorOS 12. The content is not only spaced neat and uncluttered, but also tailored to my needs. How OPPO achieved this by creating multilingual teams to proofread the translation into English and other minority languages ​​to resolve context localization issues. Of the 67 languages ​​supported by ColorOS 12, 13 are Indian.

This will cover 430 million users in more than 140 countries around the world. Add to that the Screen Translate feature, which allows me to take advantage of Google Lens to perform full screen translation with one click while invoking the sidebar to display the translation result as a pop-up window. It greatly helps in reducing or even breaking the language barrier when viewing, especially news content in other languages ​​on your phone.

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Another aspect where the new ColorOS 12 scored high for me is privacy. ColorOS 12 takes this very seriously. With 100% integration of Android’s privacy protection features, granting permissions on ColorOS 12 smartphones is more transparent. The permissions usage for the camera, microphone and location of apps has been recorded and displayed clearly on the page so that one can easily check and manage these permissions.

If you want to know or change the permissions that different apps have on your phone, you can do so transparently. Anti-Peeping is another security feature of ColorOS. If you are traveling on a crowded metro or bus and reading or watching videos on your phone, the feature automatically recognizes when someone else is trying to watch your device and minimizes your content. What you see is yours, and yours alone.

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ColorOS 12 is also quite smart and efficient, and it shows immediately when you start to set up your phone. With an AI system booster in tow, the operating system makes your phone work hard with ease. It essentially reduces memory usage by 30%, background power consumption by 20%, and increases battery life by 12% on average. The visualized battery dashboard also provides detailed information on your energy consumption.

If you’re used to working long hours on your phone or scrolling endlessly while losing track of time, the power consumption notification will remind you of a possible power optimization so you can keep doing which you did without worrying about running out of battery. Features like one-click power saving feature and system performance optimizer are extremely effective when it comes to increasing battery life.

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All of these features, along with many other major upgrades, make ColorOS 12 a great operating system. This has greatly improved the experience of my smartphone, especially in aspects such as energy saving and privacy. Clever improvements and uncompromising features give this new operating system the right touch, making it the best ColorOS version of OPPO to date.


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