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The iPhone 13 launch hype will be useless without this upgrade

The iPhone 13 shouldn’t be much different from the iPhone 12 – except for a smaller notch and new colors for the iPhone 13 – but there are plenty of other improvements expected inside the new iPhones. from Apple.

This includes a new A15 Bionic processor that could wipe the floor with Android phones (again), a faster 5G modem, and cool software upgrades for the camera like a portrait video mode and a night mode that can actually filming the stars.

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are set to be the stars of the show, with expected refresh rate displays of 120Hz, a possible always-on display mode, and upgraded ultra-wide cameras. But none of the above matters without a key upgrade: more autonomy.

The good news is that an earlier rumor indicates larger battery sizes for each iPhone 13 model. The bad news is that Apple likely won’t confirm this at today’s Apple event (September 14th). ) because it does not advertise the battery capacities of its iPhones. We’ll probably have to wait until the iPhone 13 teardowns take place right after launch.

The iPhone 13 mini is expected to receive a larger 2,406mAh battery. That’s up against a paltry 3,227mAh on the iPhone 12 mini, which turned out to be very poor in 7 hours and 28 minutes on our web browsing battery test. We consider anything that is 10 hours or more very good.

A separate leak last week predicted an hour of longer battery life for the iPhone 13 mini, which is certainly a step in the right direction.

iPhone 13: rumored battery sizes vs iPhone 12

Battery Size (mAh) IPhone 12 equivalent
iPhone 13 mini 2 406 mAh 2,227 mAh
iPhone 13 3095 mAh 2,815 mAh
iPhone 13 Pro 3095 mAh 2,815 mAh
iPhone 13 Pro Max 4,352 mAh 3,687 mAh

Next up would be the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Both of these phones are expected to offer 3,095mAh batteries, up from 2,815mAh. The caveat here is that the iPhone 13 Pro’s battery life could take a hit due to its rumored 120Hz panel. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max would be reduced to 60Hz in low power mode.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max would also see an increase in battery size if the rumors are correct, from 3,687mAh to 4,352mAh. The iPhone 12 Pro Max was the only phone to approach 11 hours in our battery test last year, so this 6.7-inch phone should once again be the endurance champion and earn a spot on our best. phone battery life list.

Of course, the battery life of a phone is much more important than the size of the battery. For example, Apple might be able to realize efficiencies with its new A15 Bionic chip and machine learning. And the 5G modem might also consume less power, depending on how it is integrated with the rest of the design.

There is also a possibility that Apple is saving energy thanks to the new iOS 15 software, which is to be launched with this phone. So far, the only iOS 15 battery feature that Apple has detailed is the power reserve feature which allows you to use virtual keys stored in the revamped Wallet app for up to 5 hours after the iPhone is running out of battery.

For the record, I found the battery life of the iPhone 12 Pro Max to be quite good, but a year after launch I find the endurance to be a bit worse than when it was launched. was cool. I will typically be reduced to 20% of battery capacity (sometimes less) at 19 hours.

So, any significant progress Apple could make on the iPhone 13’s battery life would be welcome. We’ll run our battery test on all four models once we get them in our labs, so stay tuned for our full results.

In the meantime, check out our iPhone 13 hub for all the latest news and updates.

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