The Bachelor 2022 starring Clayton Echard: Season 26 premiere date, cast, contestants, spoilers, and more

After months of speculation and rumor, The Bachelor 2022 arrives in the form of Clayton Echard, a 28-year-old former NFL player who was eliminated during Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. You can watch The Bachelor Season 26 premiere right after the New Year begins – and see the limos arrive at the famous villa again!

Clayton’s casting as the next bachelor was first confirmed in September by Reality Steve Carbon, even before Michelle’s season started. Carbone has also started posting information and photos about the contestants and the shooting of Season 26.

However, ABC went silent for weeks as fans picked Clayton’s appearances on the still-airing installment of The Bachelor. Finally, in week 6, Michelle took out Clayton after their first one-on-one date.

Now Clayton will be on his own journey to find love – which has apparently been successful, according to an interview he gave.

Here’s everything we know about The Bachelor 2022 so far.

The first date and host of Bachelor 2022

ABC has set The Bachelor 2022 premiere date for Monday, January 3, on ABC.

Season 26 will be hosted for the first time by Jesse Palmer, a former NFL quarterback and the frontman of Season 5 of The Bachelor. Since his time on the show, he has worked as a college football analyst for ESPN and the host of the short-lived ABC show. reality TV series La Proposition.

Palmer’s background appears to be a perfect fit for Clayton’s season, which the host noted in an Instagram post:

Who is single Clayton Echard?

Clayton Echard is a 28 year old medical sales representative from Columbia, Missouri. He played football as a spectator at the University of Missouri, where he helped the team win back-to-back SEC championship games. Clayton then played briefly in the NFL for the Seattle Seahawks.

Today, he works in medical sales and obtains his MBA in the hopes of starting his own business. Her mother is a teacher, which Clayton mentioned several times on her show The Bachelorette (since Michelle is also a teacher).

His Bachelorette profile says he “has it all – good looks, a great job and a wonderful family. The only thing missing is the perfect woman to share his life with.”

Clayton describes the woman of his dreams as “funny, independent, smart and athletic enough to join him at the gym for a workout”.

The Bachelor with Clayton Echard: First Teaser Trailer

ABC finally confirmed what everyone knew – that Clayton is the next bachelor – with a first trailer that aired after Michelle’s hometown dates episode.

It starts off with a group of women shouting “Clayton!” then cuts to shots of shirtless Clayton running along beach, Baywatch-style. Then, we see the bachelor kissing several (many) women. And of course, the preview gives a first look at the potential villains among the cast members.

Bachelor Season 26 Cast and Candidates

In September, ABC announced 33 women as potential candidates for Clayton’s season of The Bachelor. Here is the list of their names, ages and towns of origin:

  1. Breanna G., 28, San Diego, CA
  2. Cassidy T., 26, Cave Creek, Arizona.
  3. Claire H., 28, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  4. Daria R., 24, Baldwin, New York State
  5. Eliza I., 25, Berlin, Germany.
  6. Elizabeth C., 32, Highlands Ranch, Co.
  7. Ency A., 28, Burbank, CA
  8. Gabby W., 20, O’Fallon, Il.
  9. Genevieve P., 26, Rehoboth, Mass.
  10. Hailey M., 26, Orlando, Florida.
  11. Hunter H., 28, Lake Wylie, South Carolina
  12. Ivana N., 31, Snellville, Georgia.
  13. Jane P., 33, Los Angeles, CA
  14. Jill C., 26, Scituate, RI
  15. Kara G., 30, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  16. Kate G., 32, Clarksville, Tennessee.
  17. Kira M., 32, Greensboro, North Carolina
  18. Lindsay D., 27, Warner Robins, Georgia.
  19. Lyndsey W., 28, Orange, Texas.
  20. Mara A., 32, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  21. Marlena W., 30, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  22. Melina N., 27, Los Angeles, CA
  23. Rachel R., 25, Chicago, Il.
  24. Rianna H., 26, Mount Pleasant, Texas.
  25. Salley C., 26, Greenville, South Carolina
  26. Samantha J., 26, Dayton, Ohio.
  27. Sarah H., 23, Spartanburg, South Carolina
  28. Serene R., 26, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  29. Shanae A., 29, Sycamore, Ohio
  30. Sierra J., 27, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  31. Susie E., 28, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  32. Teddi W., 24, Redlands, CA
  33. Tessa T., 26, Stamford, Connecticut.

The Bachelor 2022 filming locations

For the first time since Peter Weber’s 2020 season of The Bachelor, the series returned to the iconic Los Angeles mansion for the first weeks of filming of the Clayton episode.

The pandemic has forced both The Bachelor and Bachelorette to film in “bubbles” at beach resorts. Clare Crawley, Tayshia Adams, Matt James and Katie Thurston all filmed entirely in one location. Michelle’s season was the first to travel to more than one location.

Clayton’s season appears to be “getting back to normal.” The show will begin at the famous Villa de La Vina mansion in Agoura Hills, California. Spoiler photos have indicated that Clayton and the contestants will next travel to Houston, Texas, and Toronto, Canada.

The cast will then travel to Vienna, Austria and Croatia. Clayton and his last four wives will go on dates in their hometown (in their current hometown!). Reality Steve reported that the dates and finale for the fantasy sequel were filmed in Iceland.

Bachelor 2022 spoilers

As per usual, Reality Steve already has spoilers on The Bachelor for Clayton’s season. He tweeted that the first recipient of the print rose is Teddi Wright, 24, of Redlands, Calif.

Carbone also revealed Clayton’s last four contenders. They are: Susie Evans, Rachel Recchia, Serene Russell and Gabby Windey. Check out their photos below:

And of course, the big questions are: Is Clayton getting engaged? And to whom?

So far, Carbone has not spoiled these details. But Clayton himself indicated in an interview with People that he ends up happily getting engaged.

“I found love,” he said. “I was a little skeptical before the whole trip, but I’m so pleasantly surprised that things turned out very differently than I expected. Again, I’m so excited to see him again and everyone look at him too. “


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