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The 10 best cheap PS5 games

The best cheap PS5 games can take a bit of legwork to find. The PS5 has been out for almost a year, which means even its oldest titles are still fairly new. As a result, most PS5 games are still quite expensive – especially since many of them now sell for $ 70 each, instead of the last gen’s $ 60.

Still, you can get cheap PS5 games if you know where to look. One possible solution is to keep an eye on sales, which frequently occur on the PlayStation Store. The other option is to check out mid-budget and indie games, which often sell for much less than their big-budget counterparts. For the purposes of this article, we consider any game “cheap” if it costs $ 30 or less. If these games don’t suit you, give it a little time; the price of other PS5 games will drop over the months. Also, don’t forget that the PS5 is backwards compatible with the best cheap PS4 games.

Alan Wake remastered

Alan Wake remastered

(Image credit: Epic Games Publishing)

Alan Wake was one of Xbox 360’s most beloved hits, and it’s now on a Sony console for the first time. In this action / horror game, you play as detective novelist Alan Wake. He and his wife plan a getaway to a secluded cabin, but things get scary when his wife goes missing and Alan is faced with dark horrors that represent his own fears. The game features a smart combat system, in which you exhaust enemies with flashlights and then hit them with improvised weapons. But the dark, twisted Stephen King story is the big draw here.



(Image credit: Young horses)

Bugsnax was one of the first games on PS5, and it’s still one of the strangest. You play as a journalist who travels to the mysterious Snaktooth Island in pursuit of a big scoop. There you meet a variety of quirky, puppet townspeople called Grumpuses – and a whole bunch of adorable Bugsnax to collect. These strange creatures are exactly what they look like: half bug, half snack. To uncover the secrets of Snaktooth Island, you’ll need to lure and trap dozens of Bugsnaxes, then donate them to the Grumpus to advance the surprisingly heartfelt story. Bugsnax is a strange game, but there is no such thing.

Doki Literature Club Doki Plus!

doki doki literature club more

(Image credit: Serenity Forge)

Doki Doki Literature Club! quickly became a cult favorite when it debuted on Steam and Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! adapts the deeply bizarre experience for PS5. At first glance, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! is a simple anime-style dating sim, where you play as a high school student who courts a variety of cute girls. However, the game takes a surprisingly dark turn towards the end – and then gets a lot weirder as you start your second game. Saying more would reveal some of the game’s best secrets, but if you’re into psychological horror, this one’s an easy recommendation.

The Falconer: Warrior Edition

the falconer

(Image credit: Wired Productions)

While The Falconeer isn’t a universally beloved game, pretty much every reviewer has respected its unique premise and setting. The Falconeer: Warrior Edition is a PS5 port of the game, which also includes a substantial amount of additional DLC. In this air combat game you will take control of a pilot who rides a huge war hawk in combat. You can complete a story campaign, take on side missions, upgrade your weapons, and improve your skills. The structure of the game is non-linear and offers a lot of variety, although the combat can become repetitive over time. It’s still unusual enough to deserve a look.


Review of Hades

(Image credit: Supergiant Games)

When Hades debuted, it quickly became one of the most beloved games on Steam and the Nintendo Switch. When it released on Xbox and PlayStation consoles a year later, new fans embraced it just as warmly. In this roguelite RPG, you play Zagreus: prince of the underworld, and son of Hades, god of the dead. To escape his father’s realm, Zagreus collects a variety of weapons and upgrades, and makes his way through the Four Realms of the Underworld. But when (not if) he falls in battle, he loses pretty much everything he’s collected along the way. It’s an addicting journey with a surprisingly good story.



(Image credit: The Game Bakers)

A lot of RPGs have love stories, but Haven’s one feels decidedly grown-up in nature. Yu and Kay are two lovers who flee their oppressive homeland to find themselves on a dangerous planet called Source. As they build their relationship, they will also improve their abilities to explore and survive. Finding resources and choosing the right dialogue options can be just as important, as Yu and Kay’s happiness depends on how they treat each other, much like in a real relationship. It’s a nice, low-key mix of adventure and romance.

Little Nightmares II

Reviews on Little Nightmares 2

(Image credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

“Creepy Scrollers That Might Actually Be Mental Health Metaphors” is probably its own subgenre right now, and Little Nightmares II is one of its better entries. You play as a boy named Mono, who explores a variety of spooky levels, solving environmental puzzles and guiding a little girl named Six. The atmosphere in the game is great, using a combination of just enough colorful graphics and moody music to set the tone. The story is surprisingly easy to follow, given that there is no dialogue. There is also an optional ending, depending on how you explore the game’s varied environments.



(Image credit: Unknown Worlds Entertainment)

Survival games often challenge you to stay alive in harsh environments, ranging from mountains to jungles to the depths of space. But Subnautica is one of the few games that requires you to survive underwater. In this open world game, you take on the role of an ocean explorer who must gather resources to build tools, shelters and submarines, while managing your hunger, thirst and oxygen. What sets Subnautica apart from other games in the genre is its strong narrative, providing the perfect stick carrot of the survival element. There are also quite a few interesting things to discover once in the ocean, from native wildlife to ancient aliens.

Iron tails

Reviews on Tails of Iron

(Image credit: Odd Bug Studio)

If you grew up reading Redwall and playing super tough side scrolls, then Odd Bug Studio has developed Tails of Iron just for you. In this atmospheric action / adventure game, you play as the Redgi: heir to the throne of an endangered rat kingdom. Redgi takes up arms against an invading race of frogs, mastering the difficult combat system and gathering materials to aid him in his quest as he goes. Tails of Iron features demanding gameplay, with RPG elements to make up for some of the challenge, as well as a memorable art style, which resembles a twisted storybook. It is a difficult game and strangely beautiful.

Midgard Tribes

midgard tribes

(Image credit: Gearbox Publishing)

Tribes of Midgard borrows a lot of ideas from other genres, but combines them in ways you’ve probably never seen before. You play as a Viking warrior in a colorful fantasy world inspired by Norse myth. As you gather resources, collect treasures, and work with other players, you must protect the Yggdrasil world tree from a variety of giants and monsters. Tribes of Midgard skillfully combines combat and craftsmanship and gives you plenty of opportunities to improve your character. While you can (and will fail) in your quest, you can purchase upgrades that persist throughout races, earning better rewards as you hone your skills.


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