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Tesla Model Y: price, interior, performance and more

The Tesla Model Y will make perfect sense if you like the look of the Tesla Model 3 but want something a little more substantial. It’s effectively like a straighter, SUV-centric edition of the same car.

Tesla Model Y: Specifications

Release date: Available now
Price: From $ 47,190
Power: Double motor, AWD
Battery range: 326 miles
0 to 60 mph: 3.5 seconds
Intelligent: Autopilot, optional FSD autopilot upgrade, Tesla Premium connectivity

Thanks to the similarities, it also means that you will enjoy great range, a car with cool and very practical technology, and easy access to the growing Tesla charging network.

The latter option adds a lot of convenience, but the Tesla Model Y is also a great choice if you need more space. Especially if you have a family and all the “stuff” that goes with having kids.

While the Tesla Model Y has the kind of accommodating interior like other SUVs, like the Mercedes-Benz GLC or the BMW X3, it benefits from all-electric power and rock-solid range. Here’s why the Tesla Model Y is worth considering if you’re related to the EV.

Latest Tesla Model Y News (Updated July 20)

Tesla Model Y: Price and availability

Tesla Model Y: price

(Image credit: Tesla)

The Tesla Model Y costs $ 47,190, making it $ 10,000 more expensive than the Tesla Model 3. However, the obvious benefit is that you get all the extra features of the SUV-driven car.

Thus, the journey is more vertical, there is more space, a large capacity for up to seven people and more. If you’re happy to spend more, the Performance model costs $ 56,690.

Tesla Model Y: Power and performance

Being able to tailor your car to your needs and budget is one of the benefits of buying a Tesla. And, even in its relatively basic model appearance, the Tesla Model Y is still a powerful performer.

Thanks to a 72 kWh battery, the hatchback SUV can still hit the road quite quickly. Both variations of the Model Y pack a lot of oomph, with the Long Range Battery Edition delivering a 0-60mph time of 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 135mph.

As you might expect, the Model Y Performance Edition delivers more muscular power, with a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 155mph.

Tesla Model Y: Battery and range

tesla model y: range

(Image credit: Tesla)

Like the other cars in the lineup, the Tesla Model Y comes with a very robust battery configuration that provides great range from the Performance or Long Range AWD options. Currently, the latter model can travel up to 326 miles on a single charge, while the Performance model offers a range of up to 303 miles, which is still pretty impressive.

Both models also offer the added benefit of quickly recharging up to 250 kW. In fact, it’s possible to regain 162 miles in just 15 minutes using one of Tesla’s Supercharger points. And, the advantage with the Supercharger network is that it has a total of 25,000 points of sale (and more) around the world.

Tesla Model Y: Design and interior

tesla model y: interior

(Image credit: Tesla)

It is the superior SUV design that will appeal to many potential owners, but at the same time, the Tesla Model Y has room and plenty of space.

In fact, the Long Range AWD Edition can be specified to accommodate up to seven occupants. The Performance Edition is still quite spacious, with seating for five passengers. Either way, you get a panoramic sunroof. There’s also up to 68 cubic feet of storage space, making the Tesla Model Y an obvious choice for owners with a lot of stuff and people to get from A to B.

tesla model Y: inside back

(Image credit: Tesla)

Depending on the seating configuration, each seat in the second row can be folded flat independently. This is actually a great scenario if you frequently have to haul slightly unusually shaped cargo, with things like skis, extra luggage, and even furniture, all of which can be used with the adaptable design. Meanwhile, at the rear there is a slow low tailgate lift that makes it much easier to bring heavy or awkward objects into the rear.

Tesla Model Y: technical and safety characteristics

tesla y model: technology

(Image credit: Tesla)

As is the case with any Tesla, the tech features are plentiful and quick on the Model Y. Much of the action centers around the 15-inch infotainment screen, which at the unlike other Tesla models, is equipped with a landscape orientation.

Not only does the screen provide all the entertainment you expect, it can also be used as a central control area, providing access to many of the car’s systems, right down to the door mirrors.

There is also a party trick in the form of Summon Mode, which allows the Tesla Model Y to approach you independently. A little less crazy is the possibility of using your phone as a replacement for the conventional key. In fact, the Tesla Model Y has a solid arsenal of technology that also includes autopilot, app control and wireless charging, as well as heated seats and steering wheel.

Elon Musk has also confirmed that all FSD cars will benefit from the “Auto shift” feature, which allows the car to shift into driving or reverse gear from the park. Logically, that means it should happen to Model Y at some point, although it’s not entirely clear when it might happen.

Tesla are also developed with safety as a priority, and the design of the Model Y follows this theme. Its safety features are complemented by the design, which has a low center of gravity, aided by the low battery pack. There’s also full impact protection, a rigid structure, and large crumple zones, all of which work together to make the Tesla Model Y capable of meeting all current safety standards.

Tesla Model Y: Outlook

Tesla Model Y: outlook

(Image credit: Tesla)

If you are looking for an electric vehicle that offers performance and offers a lot of space at the same time, the Tesla Model Y is a good bet. The possibility of having a car for up to seven people is obviously going to appeal to many, while the current penchant for SUV models also means that it is a car in high demand.

However, the obvious appeal aside, the Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 are currently facing recall issues. Reports suggest nearly 6,000 cars will need to be called in to have their brake caliper bolts checked to make sure they have been properly tightened. The affected models are those delivered between 2019 and 2021. According to Tesla, owners will be notified if their model is affected in the coming weeks.

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