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Tesla Cybertruck: launch window, price, range, interior and latest news

Tesla Cyber ​​Truck

Release date: 2022
From $ 39,900
Power: Three AWD motors
Battery range: 500+ miles
Towing capacity: 14,000+ books
0 to 60 mph:

Intelligent: FSD autopilot, tesla premium connectivity,

The Tesla Cybertruck might look like it was designed by someone who is at war with curves, but its sharp angles certainly make it an interesting vehicle. Posed like a furious triangle, its front and rear light strips add to the aggressive stance of this new luxury pick-up-meet-truck.

But the Cybertruck isn’t all about what appears to be the by-product of one of Elon Musk’s feverish dreams. The truck is designed to offer everything that makes a Tesla, including minimalist design, and room for as many people as possible to travel in a high-tech luxury car.

In other words, even if you ignore the design, this could turn out to be the most unique truck to come to our streets. So here’s everything you need to know about this very special and equally bizarre electric vehicle.

Latest Tesla Cybertruck News (Updated October 8)

Tesla Cybertruck launch window

Tesla Cybertruck rear bed has room for accessories

Tesla Cybertruck may have accessories that allow the rear bed to be used for all kinds of activities (Image credit: Tesla Cybertruck)

Tesla originally announced that production of the Cybertruck would begin later in 2021. Customers ordering now will be able to complete their setups closer to the start of production. The company also said the cheaper rear-drive model would not be available until late 2022.

There had been speculation that the Tesla Cybertruck would be pushed back to 2022. Not only did Tesla dodge questions about the start of production during its second quarter earnings call, but there were no sign that the Texan gigafactory is preparing to start working on the Cybertruck at any time. soon.

Now, although Tesla’s website says production is not expected to start in 2022, confirming that the truck has in fact been delayed. Sadly, we just don’t know when it will finally arrive, and if that delay will see the single-engine model pushed back as well.

Tesla Cybertruck Price

According to Tesla, the Cybertruck’s price will start at $ 39,900 for the single-engine rear-wheel drive model. The dual-engine four-wheel-drive model will cost $ 49,900 and the three-engine all-wheel-drive car will cost $ 69,900. All models can be reserved now for a refundable deposit of $ 100.

Interestingly, the single-engine Cybertruck is now the cheapest electric vehicle Tesla has to offer, thanks to the Model 3’s recent price hike.

Anyone who wants Tesla’s autopilot feature will have to pay an additional $ 10,000 when purchasing their truck. This unlocks a number of additional stand-alone features, including automatic parking, a ‘summon’ function, and the highway driving mode that can switch from the access ramp to the exit ramp completely on its own.

The Cybertruck is supposed to be heading for the UK, but questions remain about its arrival here. You can certainly order one already, but stricter pedestrian safety rules could be a problem.

Cybertruck Tesla Design

Tesla Cybertruck travels in the desert

(Image credit: Tesla)

The only thing you can’t blame the Cybertruck for is a lack of individuality.

Elon Musk himself even tweeted that it was part of the truck’s call. Or at least that’s why he loves her so much. Musk claimed that the other incoming electric cars looked like copies of each other, while the Cybertruck “appears to have been made by aliens from the future.”

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There is a bit of hyperbole in there, as the Cybertruck has a very ’90s take on the future.

While Musk admits that the odd design could be the loss of the Cybertruck, the fact that it’s so unique is why he doesn’t care that it happens. Not that the truck is likely to be some kind of business flop.

Tesla Cybertruck makes it on the road

(Image credit: Tesla)

But it’s not just the design. The Cybertruck’s approach to materials is a little different than most cars or trucks on the road. It uses what Tesla described as 30x ultra-hard cold-rolled stainless steel. This is formed into an exoskeleton, which the company says is pretty much the hardest thing they can find.

However, Elon Musk participated in an exchange on Twitter around the materials used. Responding to an article on the SpaceX spacecraft, Musk replied, “We are rapidly changing the alloy constituents and forming methods, so traditional names like 304L will become more of an approximation.” He was then asked if that included the Cybertruck, to which he simply answered “yes”.

Musk also said the final Cybertruck will be around 3% smaller than the prototype shown at the launch event. Presumably, the company will also have done some work on its crush-resistant glass, which was shattered by a large ball bearing during the event.

Interior of the Tesla Cybertruck

Interior of the Tesla Cybertruck

(Image credit: Tesla)

The first glimpses of the interior show a very Tesla look. It can accommodate up to six people, three in the front and a bench in the back for three others. The new steering wheel is present, offering an almost airplane yoke design, and there’s a modest, center-mounted screen in a marble-effect dashboard.

It’s a very simple and very functional design that hides a lot of the technology under the hood. In other words, it is the epitome of Tesla in every way.

Battery and range Tesla Cybertruck

The Cybertruck’s lineup will vary depending on the model you purchase. The single-engine RWD model claims a range of over 250 miles, according to Tesla. The dual engine will do 300 miles and the three engine model will do 500 miles.

It is not yet known what the capacity of the Cybertruck cells will be. However, it is likely that Tesla will use the new 4680 batteries to try to keep costs as low as possible.

The new spiral design of a 4680 promises 16% more range and six times the power of existing cells. There is also a price drop here which should see the cost of the cells drop quite dramatically. Tesla’s long-term goal of a low-cost electric car of $ 25,000 depends on this reality.

These cells are expected to be included in the latest version of the Model Y, which is under development at the Telsa Gigafactory in Texas. This factory is also expected to produce the Cybertruck, further suggesting that the new battery technology will be used in the truck.

However, production of the Model Y takes priority and the Cybertruck will not go into full production until later.

Cybertruck Tesla’s Performances

Tesla Cybertruck rear bed and ramp

(Image credit: Tesla)

Tesla says the single-motor Cybertruck will go from zero to 60 mph in under 6.5 seconds. It might seem slow by Tesla standards, but it’s a truck after all, and their bulkiness usually prevents super-fast acceleration.

The two-engine car handles the 0-60 sprint in 4.5 seconds, and the three-engine variant can do it in 2.9 seconds. This is all incredibly fast for a large vehicle that can tow weights ranging from 7,500 lbs with the single engine, 10,000 lbs for the double and 14,000 lbs for the triple engine configuration.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also confirmed that the car will be equipped with rear-wheel steering, which is designed to increase the truck’s agility and help it make tight turns. It sounds a lot like Hummer’s “crab mode” which uses torque vectoring to drive diagonally, allowing it to get in and out of tough situations.

Tesla Cybertruck Outlook

Tesla Cyber ​​Truck

(Image credit: Tesla)

The Cybertruck is likely to be automotive gold for Tesla. On the one hand, the price is quite reasonable. If you were using a Ford F-150, you would spend between $ 36,000 and $ 70,000 depending on the options. This means that for many people the Tesla will be an affordable option, especially since you won’t be paying for the fuel.

Plus, Cybertruck’s radical design means it catches the interest of people who wouldn’t typically even consider a truck. Of course, it’s practical, but it’s also designed to be comfortable and eye-catching. Everyone from farmers to the creators of TikTok will be happy to have this truck in their driveway.


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