Telegram adds new features in the year-end update: reactions, translation of messages, etc.

Telegram Messenger introduced special features for users in a year-end update, which includes message reactions, message translation, thematic QR codes, and hidden text. Here’s a look at the new features.


Telegram users can now react to a specific message with emojis. Reactions are enabled for all private chats, but for group chats and channels, admins will decide if the feature can be enabled. Each reaction appears with its own unique animation. The feature is already available on apps like Instagram direct messaging and Facebook Messenger.

Keep in mind that there is a “default” reaction, which is set for all private chats. Users can access the settings and change them according to their preferences. On Android, users can go to Chat settings> Quick reaction. On iOS, they can go to Stickers & Emoji> Quick Response. Once in the setting, choose your preferred reaction from the list, which can be your default reaction for most messages.

Admins can control reactions through their group or channel information page> Edit> Reactions.

 Telegram also added the ability to translate any message on the app.

Translation of messages

Users will also be able to translate any message into another language, directly in the app, although this depends on the language translation supported by the operating system. The translation function is available on all Android devices that support Telegram. But for iOS, the app requires users to use iOS 15 plus version. The number of languages ​​supported is equivalent to the languages ​​available on the operating system.

To enable the translation feature, just go to App settings> Language and there is a new dedicated Show Translation button that you can enable. You can also exclude any languages ​​you are fluent in, which will hide the translate button for posts in that particular language (s).

 Spoilers is a new message feature where parts of the text will be hidden, until the recipient touches them.


Spoilers is a new feature where a user can now hide a certain portion of text using “Spoiler” formatting. This hidden text also applies to the discussion list and notifications. Once the recipient taps on the message, if they wish, the hidden text will be revealed.

Thematic QR Codes

Telegram users can now generate QR codes for all users who have a public username. It also works for Groups, Channels, and Bots. This makes it easier to quickly show someone’s profile. Users can tap the new QR code icon next to a person’s username, choose colors and pattern. The QR code can also be printed or shared with other apps and platforms.

New menus for macOS

Telegram has also redesigned all context menus in the macOS version. This includes adding new shortcuts and animated icons for each menu item in the app.

More interactive emojis

New interactive versions of some emojis have also made their way to the app. Supported emojis with the new animations are: 🔥 😁 🤩 😢 😭 😱 ❄️. Users can send any of them in personal chats and then they have to tap to trigger a full screen effect of the same.


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