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Technology platforms, brands on the rise like FaceBook, WhatsApp, Instagram crash

Facebook and its social media platforms, including WhatsApp and Instagram, suffered one of the worst outages in recent times on Monday night. Internet users quickly migrated to alternative platforms to stay in touch with their contacts.

Brands had a day on Twitter during the nearly six-hour Facebook crisis. Tech platforms and popular brands continued to tweet tongue-in-cheek messages or memes, with Whatsapp and Instagram taking the trolling with good humor and responding with humor.

Twitter takes matters into its own hands

Twitter, on its official handle, said: “Hello literally everyone.” Within minutes, the response to this thread exploded. Instagram said, “Hi and have a good Monday,” with a spinning-eyed emoji. WhatsApp said, “Hello!” with an emoji in his hand, to which Twitter founder Jack Dorsey replied: “I thought it was supposed to be encrypted …”

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Fast food giant McDonald’s asked “hello, what can I get you,” to which Twitter replied, “59.6 million nuggets for my friends,” while Burger King asked Instagram: “Okay, my best? Meanwhile, Amazon’s Alexa said, “I don’t have any hands so I’m just going to say hello five times … Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi!”, While Microsoft Teams posted: “* responsive the microphone * hi everyone “.

Indian brands also quickly joined the memes and tweets festival. Zomato posted: “It’s Instagram ok, surviving Mondays is hard. Cc – whatsapp. Swiggy tweeted with an emoji that makes her eyes roll,” WhatsApp and Instagram are both down. Kitni baar fridge check karu? (How often should I check the refrigerator?). Reliance Jio posted a smiley face with sweaty emoji, saying, “No it’s not the internet, stop refreshing your chats #WhatsAppDown.”

Netizens also shared screenshots of app notifications from e-commerce company Myntra which said, “WhatsApp and Instagram crashed. So have our prices. FLAT 80% off @ Big Fashion Festival. Kotak Mahindra Bank marketed its loan program with a tweet: “What do WhatsApp, Insta, Facebook and Kotak Home Loan Rates have in common? They’re all down.”

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OTT platforms have also seized the opportunity. Amazon Prime Video India released a meme captioned “Twitter meanwhile,” based on the Hindi film. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, where the character of Jaya Bachchan awaits Shah Rukh Khan holding an ‘aarthi thali’. Netflix also released a meme, based on its new hit Korean show. Squid games. It shows a character in the series tagged as “Twitter” dragging another person tagged as “everyone”.

Rivals thrive

Rival messaging platforms have made hay. Encrypted messaging service, Signal said, “Signups are on the rise on Signal (welcome everyone!) We also know what it’s like to work during an outage and wish the engineers the best as they work to restore service on other platforms on Mondays. “

The instant messaging platform Discord also saw high traffic. When one user wrote, “A great time to invite all my WhatsApp contacts to @discord,” Discord tweeted, “We welcome all newcomers.” He previously tweeted, “have a good time online.”


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