Tech that I wish I hadn’t bought in 2021

2021 has been a spectacular year for new technology that pushes the limits, although it must be said that getting your hands on this new technology that pushes the limits takes more than a little luck and patience. However, even putting supply chain issues aside, it wasn’t all rosy and rainbow, as all new technology hasn’t left me with the warm, hazy dopamine buzz that I have. learned to associate with technology purchases. Here’s the tech I wish I hadn’t bought in 2021. Let this be a warning that can help others avoid my own wallet emptying mistakes.

S-view Case for Samsung S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung S-View case.
Andy Zahn / TechToSee

When I upgraded to the Galaxy Note 9’s S21 Ultra 5G this spring, I didn’t want to give up the Note 9’s S-pen experience. Fortunately, Samsung has a case that has a built-in S-Pen as well as a window. S-view cool in this case. However, this case turned out to be bitterly disappointing. Unless you live in a cleanroom environment that is 100% dust and gravel free, the S-view enclosure is not for you.

If dirt gets between the phone and the case, there’s a good chance it will scratch the phone’s screen, which happened to me after a few days of using it. Also, unless you use gloves or wipe the phone screen every time before closing the case, this cool S-View window will leave a huge mark of oil on your skin which is tough. to wipe. That’s as much a condemnation of the S21 Ultra’s screen as it is of the case, as my Note 9 and S8 have never suffered more than a minor scratch or two.

I still love the S21 Ultra for its amazing camera system, and I’m still glad I bought it in 2021, just wish I hadn’t bought Samsung’s premium premium case to go with it.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.
Andy Zahn / TechToSee

Yes, I just praised the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, and yes it’s on my list of the tech I’m glad I bought in 2021, but I’ve already partially explained it all at the hour in my review of the S-view box I have a love / hate relationship with this phone. Beyond the durability issues, it’s just a bit of a let down to use. It costs a lot of money, but it doesn’t look like a phone that costs a lot of money like my Note 9, or even the S21 Ultra’s biggest rival, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, does.

Along with its screen durability issue, it also has a particularly poor quality USB-C port that has worn out completely after less than a year of use. The only reason I love it and why it’s also on the tech list I’m glad I bought is for its fantastic camera system and admittedly impressive processing power. It’s a zipped phone, of course, and the screen is bright and beautiful as long as you manage to keep it scratch-free. However, at the same time, I can’t help but regret the purchase due to some unfortunate issues that made me sour on this device somewhat.

Alienware Aurora R10

Alienware Aurora R10.
Andy Zahn / TechToSee

There is nothing wrong with the Alienware R10, but I have some serious buyer’s remorse given the recent update to Alienware’s Aurora desktops. I bought my R10 in June, in part because I was concerned that prices would skyrocket or parts shortages would get worse. However, none of that worked, and to be honest I am a bit disappointed with some aspects of this PC. For one thing, it’s pretty hot and loud so when I play a demanding VR game it looks like a jumbo getting ready for take off, even with the water-cooled processor.

The new Aurora desktops drastically reduce this problem I encountered with my R10, with more space in the case. They also have see-through side panels which reveal a much nicer interior rather than the ugly, spartan mess that was the old model. I can certainly live with my R10; it’s powerful and does everything I need to, but it hurts to see your paranoia refuted and to realize that you took the plunge a few months too early with a major purchase.

Haida Rear ND Filter Kit for Nikon 14-24mm f / 2.8 S Lens

Haida rear filter kit for 14-24mm S.
Andy Zahn / TechToSee

A small, very specialized technological purchase, of course, but which also disappointed me for several reasons. First off, I want to make one thing clear: the filters themselves are awesome. They allowed me to capture some spectacular images this summer and did not create an artificial color cast or cause loss of sharpness in my images. My beef is with the kit as a whole.

For one thing, installation is a difficult process that requires disassembling and reassembling a $ 2,400 lens with the portafilter in place. This task is a cold sweat inducing process that I think I can only recommend to those who are used to operating on such an expensive device. Also, the included screwdriver is of very poor quality and broke during the installation process.

Inserting the filters themselves is a bit tricky, but more importantly, I seem to have received a faulty model that creates weird reflections in images captured with it, even without any filters in the holder. Haida has excellent technical support, but since I contacted them after removing the portafilter, I would have to repeat the whole process two more times to do the necessary troubleshooting. Frankly, I don’t want to roll the dice and risk my goal once again, so the filter kit has been put aside pending my return, and currently this prerequisite is still missing without a trace.

Philips Performance Audio Headphones TAG6105

Philips Performance Audio Headphones TAG6105.

I needed a good secondary headset earlier this year, and wasn’t looking to spend a lot on it, so I went with the Phillips Performance Audio TAG6105 as it generally seemed well thought out and reasonably priced. On the plus side, this was one of the most comfortable helmets I have ever used and it was remarkably durable in terms of build quality. However, he suffered from a severe and unbearable noise defect.

This could have been fixed if I had sent it in for a replacement, although judging from the discussions I have read on the internet regarding this issue, there was every chance that the replacement was also faulty. I ended up going for a refund because this headset also has an absolutely awful microphone. Save yourself the headache and avoid the Phillips Performance Audio TAG6105!

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite.
Andy Zahn / Lifewire

I love the Nintendo Switch Lite. It’s an amazing little console that’s capable of running the kind of games that you would normally only see on a tall, towering tower that you plant near a TV or monitor. The Switch Lite is super portable, and even a smartphone isn’t such a great way to kill time when you’re away from home. I have no complaints about the device itself as it is now – it’s its future that concerns me.

Perhaps the biggest problem plaguing the Nintendo Switch is the latent prospect of “Joy-Con Drift,” where the gamepads on Switch controllers can fail over time, causing the cursor to constantly drift. While this is an issue that affects all Switch systems, in the original and OLED versions the Joy-Con controllers are removable, and therefore replaceable if Joy-Con drifts. With the Switch Lite this is not the case, as the Joy- The disadvantages are merged with the device. While my Switch remains fully functional since I bought it back in August, I live in the apprehension of drift.

Looking back, I think I should have unlocked the extra $ 100 for a Switch with removable Joy-Cons so that the fear of Joy-Con Drift wasn’t such a dark cloud hanging over my enjoyment of this gaming console. otherwise great.


Honestly, I had to stretch myself out to think of things that I wish I hadn’t bought in 2021. The truth is, most of the tech available in the second decade of the 21st century is fantastic, as long as you stick to it. away from shady and obscure marks. Mainstream products are generally of high quality with only a few minor nit-picking against them. For this reason, my list of technologies that I’m glad I bought in 2021 is significantly longer.


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