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Stream-worthy: 11 Best Seinfeld Episodes To Watch On Netflix

Netflix has just acquired every episode of Seinfeld. Wasn’t it on Hulu, you ask? Well, some things have happened – and yadda, yadda, yadda – the show is gone. Now you need the Big Red Streaming Machine to see the antics of four of the most selfish (and funny) New Yorkers in TV history.

But you might be asking yourself “where do I start?” You can massively review all 180 episodes, but it mostly makes sense to people who have some free time that we haven’t seen since George’s summer. So, at Tom’s Guide, we’ve picked out the 11 essential Seinfeld shows to watch.

And we are not classify them. These episodes are listed in chronological order, which would be the best way to watch (or rewatch).

The Chinese restaurant (season 2, episode 11)

Elaine, George and Jerry in The Chinese Restaurant, one of seinfeld's best episodes

(Image credit: Netflix / Castle Rock)

The Chinese restaurant is an episode ahead of its time. If he had made his debut in the era of premium television, we would have been drowned in a sea of ​​thoughts about his high-level premise and flawless execution. The setup is incredibly simple: Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine try to get a table in a Chinese restaurant before seeing a movie. That’s it. The entire episode deals with the trials and tribulations of trying to get a quick meal as it seems the entire universe is conspiring against you. With a complex sub-story for each character and a real kicker for an ending, this episode is one of the classics for good reason. – Marshal Honorof

The Pen (Season 3, Episode 3)

Jerry and his loved ones in The Pen, one of the best seinfeld episodes

(Image credit: Netflix / Castle Rock)

If your parents or grandparents weren’t living in a Florida retirement community, you might not fully understand The Pen. Jerry and Elaine travel to Florida to visit Jerry’s parents, but nothing can prepare the two New Yorkers for early bird dinners, lack of air conditioning, and a truly hellish sofa bed. What’s remarkable about The Pen is that the episode doesn’t really exaggerate what life is like in a Florida retirement community; it might as well be a documentary. The politics, rivalries, and customs are all right, down to the smallest detail – and that’s what makes the episode so hilarious. – Marshal Honorof

The Limousine (Season 3, Episode 18)

Jerry and George in The Limo, one of seinfeld's best episodes

(Image credit: Netflix / Castle Rock)

Why would you take someone else’s limousine at the airport? Aside from setting up a misunderstanding in a sitcom, there is little other reason. So, while George and Jerry’s original ride (George’s car) breaks down, they are fortunate enough to find a way to apologize for picking up a limo destined for someone named “O ‘Brien “(Jerry remembers someone with that name who was going to be stuck in Chicago). Unfortunately, this O’Brien turns out to be Donald O’Brien, head of the Aryan Union regional chapter. Chaos ensues, as George and Jerry get what they deserve for claiming a limo that wasn’t theirs. – Henry T. Casey

The contest (season 4, episode 10)

Elaine and George in The Contest, one of the best seinfeld episodes

(Image credit: Netflix / Castle Rock)

Perhaps the quintessential Seinfeld episode, The Contest exemplifies everything that makes the series work. It’s a four-part story on a slightly taboo subject, with hilarious jokes and deep disappointment at the end. Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine take a gamble on who can last the longest as “master of their domain” – in other words, refraining from acts of physical self-esteem. Naturally, overwhelming temptations arise for everyone, from famous politicians at Elaine’s gym, to a naked woman in the apartment across from Jerry’s. It’s a bizarre premise with bizarre developments, and yet somehow still eminently relatable. – Marshal Honorof

The Puffy Shirt (Season 5, Episode 2)

Elaine and Jerry in The Puffy Shirt, one of seinfeld's best episodes

(Image credit: Netflix / Castle Rock)

View gags often make the most memorable moments on TV, and that’s the case with a shirt Jerry doesn’t want to wear on The Today Show. As you can see, and you probably remember, this is a loose, puffy pirate shirt, but designed for the modern man. Jerry probably wouldn’t have knowingly agreed to wear this garment, but Leslie (Kramer’s new girlfriend) is a chatterbox and made Jerry wear it without him knowing what he was getting into. Jerry’s complaints about this dilemma are as memorable as the shirt, as he complains about his predicament. Oh, and it’s too the episode where George’s hands are noticed by a talent agent, which helps him regain his temper after returning to his parents. – Henry T. Casey

Dinner (Season 5, Episode 13)

Bakery patrons Elaine and Jerry in The Dinner Party, one of seinfeld's best episodes

(Image credit: Netflix / Castle Rock)

Never volunteer to bring a hard-to-find item to a dinner party. Okay, sometimes you have to, because Jerry and Elaine find themselves looking for a chocolate babka. It doesn’t seem like a very rare item, but it turned out to be as the bakery they go to turns into a sticky situation (and we’re not talking about the babka). The rules of waiting on a line, as well as the merits of the black and white cookie, are debated much further than you might think. Meanwhile, George and Kramer struggle to buy a bottle of wine as they face a hard-to-break hundred dollar bill and a double-parked car. The whole situation is a lesson in “don’t wait until the last second”. – Henry T. Casey

The Marine Biologist (Season 5, Episode 14)

George Costanza holding golf ball in The Marine Biologist, one of seinfeld's best episodes

(Image credit: Netflix / Castle Rock)

“The sea was angry that day, my friends. Like an old man trying to send soup back to a delicatessen. In The Marine Biologist, George pretends to be a scientist to impress a potential girlfriend, while Kramer decides to go golfing on the beach. The two stories collide in a true one-episode whale. There’s also a subplot about Jerry losing his favorite t-shirt, and another about Elaine rocking a deal with a famous author, but George’s trials and tribulations uplift the whole episode. In typical Seinfeld fashion, his lie begins so innocently and, bit by bit, gets completely out of hand in a way a little more wacky than real life. – Marshal Honorof

The Opposite (Season 5, Episode 21)

George in The Opposite, one of seinfeld's best episodes

(Image credit: Netflix / Castle Rock)

George always made bad decisions in life, so it’s no surprise that his fortunes could be reversed if his choices were too. And that’s how he manages to find a girlfriend, a job with the New York Yankees, and leave his parents’ house. Good times, right? Well, not for everyone. While George thrives, Elaine suffers. Her boyfriend breaks up with her because of her selfish need for snacks, then she loses her job because of a misunderstanding. This is the start of Larry David’s voiceover as temperamental Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. – Henry T. Casey

The Fusilli Jerry (Season 6, Episode 21)

Jerry and Elaine in The Fusilli Jerry, one of seinfeld's best episodes

(Image credit: Netflix / Castle Rock)

Never lose your cool when a small corkscrew-shaped noodle is nearby. It’s a good time to learn The Fusilli Jerry, an episode where a lot that is happening. Not only does the sexual tricks go wrong when Elaine’s new boyfriend (Puddy, Jerry’s own mechanic) tries a trick Jerry has done in the past – and improves upon it according to Elaine – but George fucks him completely when he does. ‘try with Nancy. But the title and the momentous moment kicks in because of the episode’s obsession with pasta and posterior. Not only does Kramer accidentally receive a tuchus-focused license plate, but Frank Costanza is in painful trouble in the end. – Henry T. Casey

The Soup Nazi (Season 7, Episode 6)

Yev Kassem in La Soupe Nazi, one of seinfeld's best episodes

(Image credit: Netflix / Castle Rock)

Jerry’s love life has always revolved around the inconveniences of his little decisions. And this time, it’s all about the soup. A new soup shop opened by Yev Kassem (Larry Thomas) is run so demanding, with all the rules in the world, that Kessem is nicknamed The Soup Nazi because he is so demanding. And even Kessem’s whims create prohibitions, like when Jerry and his girlfriend Sheila continue their displays of affection in public. The Soup Nazi is also a great episode for Newman, who develops an obsession with the Jambalaya. – Henry T. Casey

George’s Summer (Season 8, Episode 22)

George and Jerry at a restaurant in The Summer of George, one of seinfeld's best episodes

(Image credit: Netflix / Castle Rock)

George Costanza was never a productive man, but he now has the chance to be unproductive for a living – with the enlightened approval of the Yankees. And that’s how he reacts when he receives a three-month severance package from the Bronx Bombers: by never leaving the apartment or by taking off his pajamas. Today we would call this depression, but for George, it was living a dream he had never really been able to savor before. He even calls Jerry to find out what’s going on in the real world. Hilarious because it’s George who becomes “Complete George,” George’s Summer is one episode you just can’t skip. – Henry T. Casey

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