Star Citizen event features new content, but a release date and Squadron 42 remain missing

What just happened? Anyone who has “played the final version of Star Citizen and Squadron 42” on their bucket list may want to start looking for something more achievable. Cloud developer Imperium Games just held their CitizenCon 2951 event, and while there have been plenty of new ships and lighting effects to watch, the mention of a potential release date for either. game was clearly absent.

CitizenCon opened with a statement from CEO Chris Roberts, who noted that there are currently 2-3 times more players per day than at CitizenCon 2019; the pandemic meant there had been no event last year.

The presentation covered much of what is already available in the game. It also looked at Pyro, the next system that will be added to space simulation. We got to see the cloud effects on some of these alien worlds, which are very pretty, yes. New ships, outposts, and game systems were also featured, along with a detailed section on the new Gen12 renderer and the implementation of Vulkan.

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There’s no question that Star Citizen in its current form is pretty amazing and continues to look like the most ambitious title ever. But it’s been 11 years since the game entered pre-production, and we’re approaching a decade since the start of its record-breaking crowdfunding campaign.

Star Citizen’s current roadmap extends to the game’s update 3.18, which has a tentative arrival window in Q2 2022. There is still nothing at all on a potential release date for the game. final and completed version of the multiplayer space simulation, and the pandemic has undoubtedly caused more delays and headaches in production. Roberts spoke of the issues with moving so many employees to a work-from-home model.

As for the solo element of the game and its Hollywood cast, there has been no mention of Squadron 42 since Roberts said last December that it would be “done when it’s done.” The original release date of the game? November 2014.

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Star Citizen has now raised over $ 390 million, much of it from the sale of in-game spaceships. Some of them are not yet available in the game, prompting an advertising watchdog to give Cloud Imperium Games a warning to be clearer about what it is selling.

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