Spotify launches built-in mini-player on Facebook for users in India

Spotify announced on Tuesday the launch of its integrated miniplayer in India.

The audio streaming platform had partnered with Facebook to introduce a new feature built into both apps via a mini-player experience earlier this year. The feature allows listeners to listen to audio from Spotify directly in Facebook, without switching between apps.

Available on iOS and Android devices, the mini player allows users to listen to songs and episodes with full playback directly from Spotify in the Facebook app.

This feature is now available for users in India.

Free users can also use the feature with accompanying advertisements from Spotify.

Discover the music

“The breadth of Facebook’s reach in India and the depth of the content on Spotify will allow millions of listeners to discover new music and voices,” Spotify said in an official statement.

Akshat Harbola, Head of Market Operations at Spotify India, said: “Over the years, social media has undeniably become the primary way we connect with each other, and this is also where we learn about the culture and pop content. Spotify and Facebook’s new miniplayer experience is another way for us to offer listeners a way to share their moods and times of the day with family and friends, and to taste what others are listening to.

Paras Sharma, Director, Media Partnerships, Facebook India, said, “Everything we do around music on Facebook is focused on building community and connections for artists and fans. We are excited to partner with Spotify for this launch and will continue to work with the music community to create unique social experiences for our users. “

To launch the mini-player, users can press the “Play” button on an audio file that has been shared from Spotify to the Facebook news feed.

The first time a user uses the mini-player, a consent dialog opens. They can click “Connect” to continue.

If they are connected to Spotify, the apps will switch automatically and playback will start from the Spotify app.

Spotify will continue to play even if a user continues to scroll through their news feed, but they will have control of the play options so they can pause or close the mini player.

Recently, the company also updated the Wear OS app, allowing Premium subscribers with smartwatches of Wear OS 2.0 or higher to download and play media offline, directly from their wearable devices.

Free users can also stream songs and download podcasts to their portable devices.


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