Some products claiming to block 5G are dangerously radioactive

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Mobile carriers around the world are busy investing resources in 5G networks that could dramatically increase connection speeds. It won’t happen overnight, however. Some 5G networks are actually slower than the ones they are replacing. A small but noisy minority say the 5G rush has had more serious consequences. They believe 5G is harmful to human health and have gone so far as to wear special accessories to keep the boogeyman away from 5G. According to Dutch regulators, many products are themselves radioactive. It almost makes you miss the days when snake oil was just a placebo.

Anxiety over wireless signals isn’t new – people battled Wi-Fi when it first started showing up, and many still believe talking on a cell phone can cause brain tumors. There is no proof of any of this, but it hasn’t stopped people from fearing 5G. Products intended for this group are typically based on “negative ions,” which simply refers to the atoms that have gained an electron to have a net negative charge. There are a lot of pseudo-scientific rumors that negative ions can improve your health, make food healthier and, yes, even protect you from 5G.

According to the Dutch Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS), some of these products actually produce negative ions. These ions will not do you any good, but they are not harmful. The problem is the mechanism that generates negative ions: radiation. After all, we are talking about necklaces and bracelets, which do not have power sources. A little radiance goes a long way, however.

The amount of radiation emitted by products like the “quantum pendant” is low enough that you can handle it for short periods of time. Based on some past analyzes, the radiation most likely originates from the element thorium, which can be obtained by manufacturers as pure thorium dioxide powder or as ground thorium-containing minerals. Over time, these materials can loosen and cover your skin and your belongings with radioactive dust. Plus, they stay in contact with the same section of skin, which can cause acute tissue damage over time.

Yes, a radioactive sleep mask to zap your head all night.

Long-term exposure to just one of these products is enough to increase the risk of cancer, especially when you factor in exposure to radiation from typical sources such as air travel and medical imaging. Some vendors also make bundles with necklaces, bracelets, and even sleep masks. Wearing more than one will increase radiation exposure to very dangerous levels.

The ANVS has a comprehensive list of products that have been tested and found to be radioactive, some of which are marketed as safe for children. Needless to say, they are not. While some negative ion products are complete scams, you never know which ones are going to come with a radioactive payload. It’s best to avoid them all, because as we’ve explained in the past, 5G is not dangerous.

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