Some customers of Verizon’s Visible cellular network say they’ve been hacked

Some customers of Verizon’s Visible service are using social media to say that hackers have accessed their accounts, changed their information to lock them, and in some cases even ordered phones using their payment information (via XDA). If you’re not familiar, Visible is a cellular service owned and operated by Verizon that bills itself as a cheaper “all-digital” network, meaning there aren’t any physical stores like you would with. a traditional operator. As of Monday, customers on Twitter and Reddit reported en masse that they had received emails from the company regarding password and address changes, and that they had had difficulty contacting company chat support.

Visible’s customer service account on Twitter apparently didn’t resolve the issue, by the way. direct unhappy customers to their MDs. A user marked as visible employee on the subreddit posted a statement Monday afternoon, claiming that a “small number” of accounts were affected, but the company did not believe its systems had been breached. The statement recommended that users change their passwords, but as many reviewers have pointed out (and as I can confirm), the password reset system is currently not working. Verizon did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The edge.

I am a Visible customer myself (I switched from T-Mobile for reasons unrelated to its recent massive data breach, but I am very glad I may have been duplicated) and so far my account does not appear to be compromised. I can go online and make sure my order history is okay, and opening the app works as usual (although I received a few errors earlier in the daytime). I have not received any email, text or other communication from the company regarding this situation.

The error message I received earlier while trying to log into the app.

Without a big official word from the company, it’s hard to say exactly how the reported breaches happened and what potential hackers have access to – although we’ll keep you posted if we hear back. With many security holes, the advice is to change your password and make sure two-factor authentication is enabled, but Visible does not currently support 2FA. Hopefully incidents like this where some customers see $ 1,000-plus charges on their Visible credit cards can make this feature a higher priority.

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