Should you buy a Fire TV device on Black Friday 2021?

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If the Black Friday deals mean anything, it’s discounts on Amazon Fire TV devices. Not that they never get discounted outside of the day after Thanksgiving – it’s just that you’re sure to see a few great deals on Amazon branded content on Black Friday. This is just how it works. So the question is whether you should consider Amazon Fire TV on Black Friday or before. Or even after.

Black Friday is the best time to buy an Amazon Fire TV – but buy early deals

Two Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max devices.
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Here’s the thing about Amazon Fire TV devices: They’re almost always on sale. Go ahead, click on the links above and try to find one that isn’t already discounted before Black Friday. We will wait.

Happy to see you again. That’s the thing about Amazon Fire TV on Black Friday. You can get great deals before the same day. And you can find some great deals on Black Friday itself. The question, then, is really which Amazon Fire TV are you looking to get. And whether you’re looking for Amazon Fire TV on Black Friday or before (or after, for that matter), the cheapest isn’t necessarily the Fire TV you want to get.

That said, you might think about skipping Black Friday entirely this year and hooking up your Fire TV device, whichever one you plan to get ahead of. There is going to be a bad rush on Black Friday. And there will also be continued shipping constraints as the holiday season approaches. So swapping a few dollars off for the guaranteed delivery might not be the worst idea.

Why buy an Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

You have a few options when it comes to Amazon Fire TV, but they’re all good.

The most affordable route will be an Amazon Fire TV Stick. This is where we’ll say up front that the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is really the only one you should consider, even if it’s not the cheapest. It’s the newest of the bunch, so it’s the most future-proof. It also has a faster processor and better Wi-Fi than its predecessor. That said, the Amazon Fire TV 4K (which predated the Max) is still a great option and probably has a pretty good discount already, so there’s no shame in buying it either.

Just stay away from anything below the Fire TV Stick 4K, unless you absolutely need 4K resolution support.

Another option that should get a discount on Black Friday is the Fire TV Cube. It’s the most powerful option in the Fire TV line, and it has a microphone array built into the Cube itself, meaning you can just yell at it like an Amazon Alexa speaker to control things with it. your voice.

And then there’s Amazon Fire TV… televisions. These are TVs with the built-in Amazon Fire TV operating system, so you don’t need to plug in any other sticks or cubes. And this year we have a new pretty interesting option in the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series, which is Amazon’s first self-branding TV. Suffice to say that we will probably see a good discount on it since it is Amazon.


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