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Shatner “a little scared” about Wednesday’s Rocket Ride

William Shatner says he’s “a little scared” of Wednesday’s rocket ride that will see the 90-year-old Star Trek legend become the oldest person to travel to the edge of space.

His character of Captain Kirk may have daringly disappeared, but Shatner’s admission in a recent interview reveals some nerves when it comes to this particular mission.

“I’m thrilled and anxious and a little nervous and a little scared with this brand new adventure,” Shatner said before taking off on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket.

“But I have to think that once it’s done, once I’ve been in space and seen the universe and seen our Earth and the contrast between that hostility and that heat, and how important it is to keep the Earth alive so that we don’t destroy it, we humans don’t destroy it, that contrast in all of that is so dramatic to me.

“We’re only at the beginning, but how miraculous the start is.” @WilliamShatner is ready to go into space. # NS18 pic.twitter.com/u3MnOAbWtW

– Blue origin (@ blue origin) 12 October 2021

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos created Blue Origin in 2000, and engineers have been testing his New Shepard sub-orbital rocket since 2015. In July, the billionaire businessman took part in Blue Origin’s first crewed trip. at the edge of space during a successful test flight. which opens the door to a commercial space tourism service.

A devoted Star Trek fan, and no doubt aware of the huge publicity it would generate, Bezos recently invited Shatner to fly on the second crewed trip, along with three other crew members. The Canadian artist jumped at the chance.

Wednesday’s flight will see New Shepard transport the crew capsule just over the Kármán Line, the location about 62 miles above Earth that is widely considered to be the edge of space. Shatner and his teammates will then have several minutes to take in the view and float around the capsule in zero gravity before returning to Earth.

He might be nervous, but Shatner certainly hasn’t lost his sense of humor as launch day approaches. In a recent interview on NBC’s Today show, the actor asked what space travelers do when they need to use the bathroom. When the interviewer said he should be fine because the experience from launch to landing is only 11 minutes long, Shatner joked, “Yeah, I know, but when you’re 90 years old, 11 minutes can be a long time. long period.” Blue Origin’s capsule doesn’t have a bathroom, so hopefully it will be fine.

The entire flight will be broadcast live by Blue Origin. TechToSee has all the details you need to watch it online.

Wednesday’s launch comes weeks after more than 20 current and former Blue Origin employees described the company’s workplace as “plagued by sexism.” A spokesperson for Blue Origin said the company had no tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind and promised to investigate any malpractice claims.

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