Samsung’s new anti-glare screen The Frame TV promises a more realistic art gallery experience

Samsung’s line of lifestyle TVs are sort of a mixed bag, but the popularity of flagship The Frame has given it another refresh among the company’s other annual TV updates. The Frame 2022 has a new matte anti-glare screen that should make you forget it’s a TV – not a framed piece of art – when it’s on standby.

The Frame already hosted a gallery-worthy aesthetic with interchangeable bezel frames and a degree of anti-glare support that supported off-angle viewing of uploaded art. But the improved display promises a noticeable improvement, thanks to a screen designed to maximize irregularities in the light-diffusing surface, limiting the glare you might have in your living room.

Even in bright spaces, The Frame 2022 should better create the paper and canvas textures expected of actual art, so that the set can fulfill its secondary purpose of camouflaging a TV with museum-caliber masterpieces. .

We’re interested to see how The Frame’s new screen compares to the screen of dedicated digital art frames like the $ 400 Meural Canvas II. Meural’s matte finish prevents glare and makes it more stylish than a TV showing a photo, which is not The Frame’s shadow but a fact of its existence.

Like previous releases, The Frame 2022 is not just an artistic frame, but a complete Samsung smart TV, with all the apps and services of a standard Samsung 4K TV. When you’re done watching a movie or show, you can visit the Samsung Art Store, which gives you access to thousands of gallery-quality artwork images. The Art Store showcases both famous works and modern material from upcoming artists, and is continually adding new collections.

This year, the Art Store presents a new UX, making it easy to find your favorite art and discover new works based on curatorial recommendations. You’ll need to purchase some artwork to display on your Frame, but it’s more affordable than a trip to the Louvre.

Speaking of pricing, Samsung hasn’t announced how much The Frame 2022 will cost. Last year’s 65-inch The Frame setup started at $ 1,999, and we’re expecting a similar cost this year. The Frame 2022 will also be available in sizes ranging from 32 inches to 85 inches.


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