Samsung unveils new monitors for 2022: Smart Monitor M8, Odyssey Neo G8, and more

Samsung Electronics has announced a handful of new monitors and other products that will be showcased at CES 2022. Their versatile new lineup includes features for high-performance gaming as well as smart, pro-level elements, delivering the best experience for gamers, the professional work, and to watch content.

M8 smart monitor

Like all other smart monitors, the M8 offers functions similar to that of a smart TV, allowing users to access various streaming applications while connecting to a computer. The 32-inch screen is warm white in color and is only 11.4mm thick, which Samsung says is “about three-quarters” thinner than its previous model.

It comes with a mobile SlimFit camera that attaches to the top via magnets, enabling crystal-clear video calls with support for popular calling apps like Google Duo. The company has also included a SmartThings hub, allowing users to view a floor plan and control other smart home devices in your home.

 The M8 smart monitor. (Image credit: Samsung)

The M8 supports cloud gaming through a new feature they are calling Game Home. Owners will be able to connect wireless controllers to it and stream cloud-based games, though there is no word on the services. Samsung also mentioned a USB Type-C port which allows 65W charging.

Neo G8 Odyssey

This 32-inch screen is the world’s first 4K monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate. It is built with a design language similar to the Odyssey Neo G9, is a larger 49-inch variant of the same while preserving 1000R curvature and 1ms response time. The back is white and features CoreSync RGB lighting that matches the colors of the content on the screen.

 Odyssey Neo G8 gaming monitor. (Image credit: Samsung)

According to GSMArena, the mini LED backlight system uses units that are 1 / 40th the size of conventional LED units. With Samsung’s Quantum HDR 2000, the monitor can achieve 2000 nits of peak brightness and high contrast ratio, “bringing out the finest details for increased global build and immersion.”

S8 high resolution monitor

Aimed at professional creators and designers, Samsung’s new S8 series is the world’s first UL (Underwriter Laboratories) verified anti-glare monitor. It comes in two models – 27 inch and 32 inch and has a matte screen on top of the panel to reduce light reflection even without the use of a lens hood.

 High resolution S8 monitor for professional designers. (Image credit: Samsung)

It offers up to 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, delivering the highest levels of precision and an ultra-wide gamut of rich colors. The monitors are also height adjustable and feature tilt, swivel, and swivel control points while offering LAN ports and a USB Type-C port with 90W charging.

New Frame televisions – anti-glare screen

 Samsung will add a new anti-glare film to its Frame televisions. (Image credit: Samsung)

At CES 2022, Samsung is showcasing matte and anti-glare screens for its Frame TV line, which are not only for entertainment but also for art admiration, such as LG Display’s recent concept piece. The new anti-reflective film will remove glare from the screen to mimic a “realistic” texture that feels like a canvas to the touch, creating oil paintings and other pop art. It also has a frame that looks like wood and a built-in art store, where you can purchase digital paintings and photographs.

New eco remote control

 Samsung Eco Remote to add RF harvesting capabilities. (Image credit: Samsung)

In 2021, Samsung introduced a solar panel on the back of its Eco remote, so that it can charge via the sun’s rays. This time around, the company added RF (Radio Frequency) recovery capabilities that will also pull small amounts of energy from radio waves such as your home Wi-Fi network. The new feature is expected to keep the remote charged throughout the day, while delivering faster results via a USB Type-C port.

According to The Verge, this year the company is also introducing a white model intended to complement its lifestyle TVs such as the aforementioned Frame range.

LG Display also introduced innovative technologies last month, mostly focused on their flexible OLED displays. One of them is a Multimedia chair that combines an OLED TV with a reclining chair in the shape of a half-moon to provide a comfortable viewing experience. There is also Smart window which aims to create a futuristic working environment, where OLED screens replace the windows of an office.

Any additional details on these products will be revealed on January 4 at CES 2022, which officially opens tomorrow.


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