Samsung unveils $ 1,499 jeans with pocket designed to hold Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone

At the end of the line : Samsung has unveiled a pair of jeans with smaller pockets specifically designed to fit the Galaxy Z Flip3. The pants are a limited promotional item to draw attention to the compact size of the phone when folded. Designer jeans won’t be exactly cheap, so you will need deep pockets.

Samsung, together with denim specialists Dr Denim, has announced the launch of the Z Flip Pocket Denim, a pair of jeans that celebrates the foldable form factor of the Galaxy Z Flip3. A limited edition will offer 450 pairs for a price of AUS $ 1,499 (approximately $ 1,052). The “statement coin” will also come with a free Galaxy Z Flip3, which costs around $ 1,000 on its own.

The back pockets have been completely removed. Instead, one of the pockets on the back has been moved to the front of the thigh. It is designed to fit the exact dimensions of the Galaxy Z Flip3. Dr Denim has also sewn two large Z patterns on the front pockets. To make the Special Edition jeans stand out even more, the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Flip Pocket Denim will arrive in stylish Dr Denim packaging.

“Smartphones are often not pocket-friendly, so we took advantage of Dr Denim’s style credentials to design jeans that challenge the pocket standard and fit our compact Galaxy Z Flip3 perfectly,” said Hayley Walton, Brand Marketing Manager at Samsung Mobile. “Our Galaxy Z Flip3 users expect there to be the best in design and pocket capability, and what better to go with our premium phones than the perfect pair of tailored jeans. “

Customers can purchase the Z Flip Pocket Denim through Dr Denim’s website in both men’s and women’s styles. Those interested will need to be quick given the current state of the scalping market. Remember the Xbox Series X refrigerator that got picked up in minutes?

Samsung’s latest foldable devices have proven to be enduring in a very competitive market. Total sales of the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3 have reached 2 million units since their launch in August, overtaking Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Note 20.


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