Samsung TV 2022 remotes use your router’s radio waves to stay charged

In context: Last year Samsung introduced the Eco Remote, a TV controller that promised to do away with the need for disposable batteries. Instead, he had a bank of solar panels that supplemented an internal battery using an exterior or interior light.

This year, the Eco Remote has another trick up its sleeve. In addition to unveiling its new high-end televisions, Samsung announced that its Eco remote control now includes radio frequency harvesting. A “rectenna” receives the radio signals from your WiFi router and converts them into energy.

Charging via RF recovery can be very slow because the amount of captured energy is not that large. However, TV remote controls are a perfect application because they are low power consumption devices. In addition, the Eco remote always has solar and USB charging to use when needed.

Last year, Samsung announced that the Eco remote would be eliminate elimination of 99 million batteries over the average lifespan of its televisions (seven years). In addition, the remote control is not a stand-alone element. The Korean tech giant said all Samsung 2022 TVs include an Eco remote.

The company hasn’t gone into details about the cool and whimsical new device, but it’s not an entirely new concept. In 2019, MIT researchers revealed that they had created a flexible “2D” rectenna that they hoped to apply to portable devices, laptops, phones and other devices.

What’s more, Apple and others have been pitching the idea of ​​WiFi charging for at least five years. Apple’s vision is to have an RF crop powerful enough to charge devices that require more juice, so those efforts are still years away.

Samsung should have more information during its keynote at CES 2022 on Tuesday.


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