Samsung promises ‘revolutionary’ new TV feature: NFT support

Watching your non-fungible tokens on a smartphone or laptop screen is fine, but why not remind everyone who visits your home about the money you spent on digital art NFT by displaying them on your TV screen? Either way, we’re in a world where this is about to come true: Samsung says it’s planning extended support for NFTs from its 2022 TV line-up.

“With the growing demand for NFT, the need for a solution to today’s fragmented viewing and shopping landscape has never been greater,” the company said in a press release. “In 2022, Samsung introduces the world’s first on-screen TV-NFT market explorer and aggregator, a revolutionary platform that lets you browse, buy and display your favorite works of art, all at the same place.

A look at Samsung’s upcoming NFT TV platform.
Image: Samsung

According to Samsung, this platform (pictured above) will allow creators to “share their art with the world” and potential buyers:

  • Preview an NFT before you buy it
  • Learn more about the history of an NFT and blockchain metadata

Samsung also takes care of the details when it comes to watching NFTs on its 2022 televisions. A smart calibration feature on televisions will automatically adjust display settings “to creator’s presets, so you can have the peace of mind that your work is impeccable, with image quality that is faithful to the original ”. You’ve heard of things like Dolby Vision or Netflix Calibrated Mode, and now NFTs will get similar treatment.

More details on the NFT platform are expected to become available as 2022 TVs start shipping in the coming months. With today’s news, Samsung becomes the first major TV maker to support NFT to such a large degree. Are we witnessing the start of a trend? Is there no going back? Could your next Roku or Amazon Fire TV also have some level of NFT integration? Stay tuned for our CES 2022 coverage to see if other companies are following suit.


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