Samsung Introduces 3 New Monitors – Includes World’s First 4K 240Hz Gaming Monitor

CES 2022 is in a few days. But Samsung is already showing off a few of its monitors it’s set to unveil at the tech event. Among the monitors that it debuts at technologically extravagant is what it claims to be the world’s first gaming monitor with both 4K resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate display and the 32 inch Smart Monitor M8 that integrates Smart TV and productivity apps. this. Another of its new offerings is the S8 high-resolution monitor that delivers professional-level UHD performance to creators and designers.

“As the worlds of work and entertainment continue to evolve, we are proud to deliver monitors that enhance the user experience from the comfort of their own homes,” said Hyesung Ha, executive vice president of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

Odyssey Neo G8, the focal point

Samsung's new Odyssey Neo gaming monitor

(Image credit: Samsung)

Ultra-high-definition gaming monitors have so far shown latency of up to 144Hz. Now Samsung is upping it to a high refresh rate of 240Hz and 4K resolution with Odyssey Neo G8. This should ensure smoother movement than is possible in conventional ultra-high resolution monitors.

The new 32-inch monitor will use a mini quantum light-emitting diode and have a curvature of 1000R, which means that the curved monitor would form a circle with a radius of 1 meter.

The M8 smart monitor is also a smart hub

Samsung M8 Monitor

(Image credit: Samsung)

The 32-inch M8 smart monitor, which is 11.4mm thick, is said to be about three-quarters thinner than the previous model. The UHD panel delivers 99% sRGB color gamut while supporting 1.07 billion colors at 400 nits brightness, displaying every video, document or photo with lifelike precision.

Samsung has integrated smart home hub functions into the new device. In this, it comes with smart TV and built-in productivity apps. It can serve as a SmartThings control hub even without the need for a PC. Its mobile magnetic SlimFit webcam comes in handy for the video calls that are inevitable in these times of working from home. Its built-in video calling app supports popular calling apps like Google Duo. The Game Home function can also turn the M8 into a cloud-based game streaming monitor.

S8 high resolution monitor

Samsung S8 Monitor

(Image credit: Samsung)

The high-resolution Samsung S8 monitor, available in 27-inch and 32-inch models, is expected to deliver an ultra-wide gamut of rich and nuanced colors. It is claimed as the world’s first UL (Underwriter Laboratories) verified anti-glare monitor. A matte screen is applied on top of the panel, reducing light reflection even when you are not using a monitor cover, to provide a distraction-free working environment.

Both models feature charging ports and 90W USB Type-C LAN ports to help users charge laptops and mobile devices without the need for an additional docking station.

All three monitors will be deployed globally in the first half of the year, Samsung said. Their retail prices have not yet been specified.

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