Samsung announces Unpacked 2 event for Wednesday, October 20, right after Apple and Google

Samsung just sent out invitations for an event it is hosting online on Wednesday, October 20 at 7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m.ET. It’s called “Galaxy Unpacked Part 2,” which perhaps indicates that rather than all new Galaxy phones, we can see iterations on existing phones.

With Samsung’s announcement, we’ll now have an Apple event on Monday (where we expect new MacBook Pros), Google’s Pixel 6 launch on Tuesday, and now Samsung’s seemingly smaller event on Wednesday.

In addition to the invitation image, Samsung’s pressroom post announcing the event hints at some sort of personalization for Galaxy devices: “Our users are multi-faceted and live the lives of so many. colorful, interesting and unique ways. As such, the technology they use on a daily basis must reflect their individuality. Join Galaxy Unpacked Part 2 on October 20 to see how Samsung is opening up new experiences for self-expression through technology.

It could mean anything, but it seems to hint at new Galaxy phone colors or maybe even a full customization option. I could imagine building a Z Flip 3 with my choice of colors on either side of the fold, for example, and the teaser image may hint at that. With the Z Fold 2, Samsung gave customers the option of choosing their own accent color for the hinge, although that option has disappeared on the Z Fold 3 (so far, anyway).

Of course, no customization program came close to the original Moto X, which allowed people to choose an unlimited number of color options and even materials for their phone, including bamboo. It seems unlikely that Samsung will want to go that far.

What seems even more unlikely is the Galaxy S21 FE, a lower-cost “fan edition” of the Galaxy S21 that has been around the rumor mill for some time now. This is less likely, mainly because the S21 FE is currently in some kind of limbo where it has either been delayed or canceled due to the chip shortage. Sammobile Samsung is still considering a January launch for the S21 FE.

Regardless of what Samsung announces on Wednesday 20, it will struggle to grab attention after all of the Sturm (Apple) and Drang (Google) of the previous two days. Although Wednesday’s choice may have been Samsung’s strategic attempt to distract from the Pixel 6.

Speaking of a busy week, we also have The Edge10 year old event called On The TechToSeeon Friday and Saturday. If you are in New York, tickets are available at a reduced price with the code $ 99NOW here. That leaves Thursday the 21st open for another tech company to announce something. Has anyone heard of OnePlus lately?

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