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Ring Adds Quick Halloween-Themed Responses To Its Doorbell Cameras

True to the now-annual tradition of the spooky smart home, Ring has released its seasonal ding dongs. In honor of the holiday season, you can transform the tone of your Ring Video Doorbell’s interior chime into a Screaming Cat, Squeaky Door, or my favorite, Scary Laughter, for the month of October. There are also a handful of other creepy tones, nine in total, which is eight more than what Google offers on its Nest doorbell.

To raise the scary bar this year, Ring has one more new trick: a selection of Halloween-themed Quick Answers, a free feature that lets your doorbell answer for you. Now, when a visitor presses the ringtone, they can respond to them with these additions to the standard preset responses:

“Tell us what brings you here … or we’ll bewitch you!” “

“Boo! Leave us a message if you dare [evil laugh]. “

“Just a minute! Don’t hesitate to park your broom.

“Please leave the package (and any sleight of hand) outside.

Personally, I would like one that says, “All the candy is gone, come on now.” ”

Considered by Ring to be the busiest doorbell day of the year, Halloween is definitely a day when a video doorbell shines. I’ve spent hours scaring towers or trainers – or UPS delivery drivers – over the years, when the seasonal tones are heard. (Pro tip: plug in the chime right next to the front door, as the ringtone of the doorbell itself doesn’t change). Although, unfortunately, it seems the fear factor is fading somewhat as doorbell cameras become more ubiquitous.

However, the new quick responses are coming directly from the doorbell itself, not the Ring Chime, so they may have a bit more of a fear factor. These launched today (ringtones arrived in mid-September) and will be replaced with winter vacation-themed options at the end of this month.

Ring wants to help you decorate your front door this season.
Image: Ring

The Quick Responses feature is available on all Ring doorbells other than the base Ring Video Doorbell Wired model. If you have a Ring Protect plan, you can use it as an answering machine and view the visitor’s recorded video and audio in the app, but you don’t need a subscription for the responses themselves. You set up quick replies in the Ring app, which also lets you change your Chime’s ringtone.

If you (or your neighborhood) are really into the Halloween spirit, Ring is also releasing seasonal facades for the Ring Video Doorbell 2, 3, 3 Plus, and 4, which cost $ 14.99 each in the Ring.com store. . Choose from a spooky design with bats and cobwebs, or go for something less spooky and more festive and fun, like pumpkins and leaves.



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